“We are still drawing from that idea”: Alan Wake 2 Took Major Inspiration from $272M Anthony Hopkins Movie That Set an Oscar Record

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Alan Wake 2 Took Major Inspiration from $272M Anthony Hopkins Movie That Set an Oscar Record

Remedy Entertainment is known for its intricate influence. The studio has taken inspiration from a lot of sources, may it be movies, TV shows, or books. Things are not much different with the development of Alan Wake 2. This upcoming title is immaculate at presenting detective fiction laced with the taste of horror in it. The developers of the game recently spoke to IGN in an interview regarding how the team came up with such brilliant ideas.

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Which Movie Inspired Alan Wake 2?

Four Years of Development Time Went Into Alan Wake 2
Four Years of Development Time Went Into Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 will have a split storyline. One would revolve around Alan, the protagonist of the game, and the other would be around Saga, an FBI agent. The game will force them to use their wits to get out of the nightmarish situation. Alan will find himself in a grave labyrinth of his own creation, while Saga will be on the pursuit to reach the bottom of a series of ritualistic killings.

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“One of the first things that came to us when we were thinking about creating a concept of an FBI agent coming with her partner to investigate these murders was season one of True Detective,” Rowley reveals to IGN. The Director of the game adds, “The kind of dynamics between the two detectives there and how they work together to solve that case was something that’s very compelling to us. And then obviously, just stylistically wise, again, it’s got a lot of ritualistic elements to it that we could lean on quite well.”

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Molly Maloney, the Principal Narrative Designer at Remedy, speaks about the story progression of Alan Wake 2. She told IGN, “Moving into The Overlap as Saga when you’re pushing through the forest and that first Overlap with the intense reds and the blending of the worlds, that felt like a deleted scene out of True Detective season one to me.”

“Silence of the Lambs is another example for sure in this,” Sam Lake opens up about taking ideas and inspiration from Anthony Hopkins’s movie. He also explains deriving ideas from other known titles in the genre, “Twin Peaks as well. We are still drawing from that idea and from Lynch’s works overall.”

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What do the developers of Alan Wake 2 have to say about this upcoming title?

Will he be able to escape The Dark Place in Alan Wake 2? Image credit: Remedy Entertainment
Alan Wake 2

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The Principal Narrative Designer, Molly Maloney, had much to say about the upcoming title from Remedy. She believed that Alan Wake 2 was going to be a great game as players could experience the perspective of the detective. She told IGN, “A really great detective mystery, in my opinion, is when you can put yourself in the shoes of the detective and pay close attention to things, look at the connections, and put it all together.” 

She went further to explain her opinion, “What makes really great horror, in my opinion, is when you wish you could look away, but you can’t. It’s that balance I don’t want to look at, but I need to. So detective and horror, I think, are a great mix because you wish you could look away, but you really need to pay attention. And the delicious dance of those two feelings.”

Sam Lake, the Creative Director at Remedy Entertainment, elaborated in the interview with IGN, “There is this aspect of horror as a genre having a lot to do with detective fiction because usually, the premise is something strange is happening, which is very close to a crime has happened. And on one part, we are afraid to find out, but we are driven to find out.”

The two genres, Horror and Suspense, have always gone hand in hand for a long time. The root appeal of both these categories is the thrill and suspense of the unknown. The director of Alan Wake 2, Kyle Rowley, is seeking to provide gamers with a sense of disbelief and suspense.

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