“We can do better”: Tom Cruise Breaks Silence on Top Gun 3 after $1.49B Top Gun: Maverick Saved Hollywood

"We can do better": Tom Cruise Breaks Silence on Top Gun 3 after $1.49B Top Gun: Maverick Saved Hollywood
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Tom Cruise kept fans waiting for over three decades before finally bestowing the world with a sequel to Top Gun, and given the astronomical success of Top Gun: Maverick, it was definitely worth the wait.


No sooner than it hit theatres, the cinematic masterpiece that Joseph Kosinski helmed became Hollywood’s very own messiah. So, of course, the question of a third film was inevitable, one that the leading man finally seems to have an answer for.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

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Tom Cruise on the Possibility of Top Gun 3 

After a lengthy period of cryptic responses and undetermined plans, Tom Cruise has finally spoken up on the future of the Top Gun franchise, and it seems to be a promising update, for the most part at least.

Talking about his forthcoming Mission: Impossible film in a new interview with Fandango’s Nikki Novak, Cruise, 61, revealed how after every screening of his movies, he tells director Christopher McQuarrie that they can “do better.” And as it turns out, this prospect of outshining his previous performances doesn’t just apply to the Mission: Impossible ventures, but to all his projects, including Top Gun.

Tom Cruise
Top Gun: Maverick (2022)

“Every movie we make, I look at it, I’m watching it, and I say, ‘We can do better.'”

When asked if he believes he could make “a better [Top Gun] Maverick,” the four-time Oscar nominee affirmed that he could indeed surpass Top Gun 2. “Oh, I think I can,” he said. While the Jack Reacher star ended up eluding the question of the hour, whether they’re going to make a third Top Gun film or not, his answer does seem to hint toward a potential ‘yes.’


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Is A ‘Better’ Top Gun 3 in the Cards?

2022’s Top Gun: Maverick turned out to be perhaps one of the biggest spectacles the film industry has ever witnessed. Out of the many records that the film broke, thanks to the whopping $1.4 billion that it accrued worldwide, the Paramount production got crowned as the second highest-grossing movie of the year. The sequel further went on to garner innumerable accolades, including an Academy Award out of the 6 nominations that it bagged. Needless to say, it was a blockbuster hit.

Given its prodigious success, a third film would be the obvious next move. But it looks like Cruise’s schedule is way too cramped for him to spare time for a potential Top Gun 3. “It’s not the time to take attention away from what’s important to him right now,” producer Jerry Bruckheimer told Variety in light of the upcoming Mission: Impossible 7 movie.

Top Gun
Jerry Bruckheimer and Tom Cruise on the set of Top Gun (1986)

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On a more optimistic note, however, Kosinski did add fuel to the already blazing fire of possibility by claiming that Cruise’s titular protagonist Maverick isn’t ready to “settle down” anytime soon. At Deadline‘s Contenders LA3C panel in December last year, the 49-year-old director said –

“Is there another story that is compelling enough that we need to go back? It seems to me at the end of this film that Maverick has some gas left in the tank. He’s not settling down.”

Meanwhile, Top Gun: Maverick can be streamed on Paramount+ with a subscription or you can rent/purchase it on Amazon Prime Video.


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