“We can use you maybe to play a Nazi”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Was Too Creepy to Be a S*x Symbol in Hollywood At the Beginning Of His Career

arnold schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the biggest names in Hollywood at the moment with him having a massive fanbase. He has done quite a few iconic roles, all leading him to become a loved and respected actor. However, it is not that he chose to become an actor overnight and achieved it easily. He had to go through a lot and break a lot of stereotypes to become a fan favorite.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger

He faced quite a few difficulties in his time as a young actor where people refused to believe that he could have a future in the Hollywood industry, much less a successful one. He worked hard and believed in himself enough no matter how much he was told anything otherwise. Even if he was constantly nagged about his acting or his size, Schwarzenegger was not one to back down.


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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Accent Was Said To Be Creepy

Arnold Schwarzenegger was told right on his face while he was still a young actor about how he could possibly never make it in the Hollywood industry because of his muscle mass and accent. He was even compared to other successful actors of that time with others trying to prove just why he wasn’t the ideal choice.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

“They used to say ‘your body is too big’. This is the 1970s and people like Dustin Hoffman and Al Pacino and Woody Allen, they are s*x symbols. I said ‘Oh Jesus,’” the actor added. “Then they said, ‘Plus your accent gives me the creeps. We can use you maybe to play a Nazi or something like that.’”

His accent was more so pointed out to be too creepy by the directors, leading them to give him smaller roles of the Nazi. He was even told that he could never compare to s*x symbols of that time or even make it as one.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Found His Idol In Reg Park

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s entire life turned one fine day when he came across a magazine with a cover that inspired him beyond compare. It had a bodybuilder and the news read that he had made it into Hollywood with Hercules. 

7310 mind5
Reg Park

My father had wanted me to be a police officer like he was. My mother wanted me to go to trade school. But me – I wanted to find my own passion – something I could excel in – be great in,” the actor revealed. “One day, I saw a magazine in a store window. The cover showed a muscle man in an ancient warrior costume, posing like this… It said, ‘Mr. Universe Now Starring In Hercules Movie.’”

This bodybuilder was none other than Reg Park. Schwarzenegger found his inspiration in Park and thought about what he could do if he followed the same path. After that, nobody could stop him.no matter how much they tried to push him down.


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