“We decided not to put her in that position”: Meghan Markle’s No Show in Suits Finale Was a Merciful Decision by Showrunner to Make Actress’ Life Easy

The creators did not even ask Meghan Markle to reprise her role as Rachel Zane in the finale as they respected her decision to give up acting

Meghan Markle’s No Show in Suits Finale Was a Merciful Decision by Showrunner to Make Actress’ Life Easy


  • Meghan Markle not appearing in the finale alongside her other co-stars confused many
  • The creators of the show revealed that the creators wanted to come up with a way to make Rachel Zane come back but it couldn't happen
  • They ultimately decided not to ask the actress, who had started a new life, and put her in a tough spot
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Though Meghan Markle entered the mainstream media when she got together with Prince Harry, to Suits fans, she has been Rachel Zane ever since 2011. Being a beloved character, she stole the hearts of the audience playing the paralegal and the love interest of Mike Ross, played by Patrick J. Adams. The actress appeared in the show as a series regular, unfortunately leaving at the end of the seventh season alongside Adams and Gina Torres. Oddly enough, however, the actress did not appear in the series finale as well.

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle as Rachel Zane

Aaron Korsh, the creator of the series, recently revealed that the actress wasn’t even asked if she was interested in returning. He also went on to explain their reasoning behind this and why she, ultimately did not appear, adding that it had to do with her personal, royal life.

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Aaron Korsh Thought About Asking Meghan Markle

Aaron Korsh gave an interview with Deadline where he spoke in great detail about everything related to his Suits series. Amongst these things, was one of the biggest questions asked by fans of the franchise, why did Meghan Markle not show up in the finale of Suits? The producer and writer explained that everyone working on the series, really wanted the actress to appear in the finale, providing a conclusive ending for the character’s story.

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle

“I thought about asking, and I thought about even using audio footage that we have to come up with something”

They were thinking of possible ways that this could happen, with the producer revealing that they were thinking of a way to ask the actress if she was interested in coming back. He also revealed that if she was not interested in making an appearance, they could do something along the lines of a cameo of her voice, coming up with a clever way to pull this off. This ultimately didn’t happen and the Krosh revealed the reason for this.

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Meghan Markle Wasn’t Asked As A Personal Favor

While many would think that the reason why Meghan Markle didn’t appear in the series was because she did not want to, being too busy in her royal life, after her marriage to Prince Harry and becoming the Dutchess of Sussex, this was not the case at all. Aaron Korsh revealed to Deadline that the former actress wasn’t even asked if she wanted to play the role again, giving a farewell to a character she played for seven years.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in a still from Harry and Meghan
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in a still from Harry and Meghan

“In the end I didn’t ask, and I just thought, I’m going to respect her new life and not put her in the position of having to ask. We decided not to put her in that position so I never asked.”

The producer and writer revealed their reasoning for this, mentioning that they did not want to put her in a position where she would have to choose between her past and new lives. They wanted to respect her decision to let go of her past and move on. This was the reason why it was decided against even asking the actress if she wanted to be a part of the series again.

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