“We did have a brief conversation”: Usher Confirms the Reason Why Justin Bieber Denied to Perform During the Superbowl

Usher elaborated on why Justin Bieber did not make an appearance during the Super Bowl despite being offered the chance.

“We did have a brief conversation": Usher Confirms the Reason Why Justin Bieber Denied to Perform During the Superbowl


  • Usher and Justin Bieber have shared a close bond over the years.
  • Fans of the celebrity were keenly expecting Bieber to make a surprise appearance on stage with Usher during the Super Bowl.
  • The 'OMG' singer revealed that he spoke to Bieber regarding this but learnt that the 'Sorry' singer chose not to perform this time.
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Usher and Justin Bieber have consistently busted the myth that celebrities in the same profession can never be friends. Having first put Bieber on the map by signing him on his label, Usher has proved to be the perfect mentor for the Canadian singer and has played an integral part in his superstardom. The two artists collaborated on the hit single Somebody To Love which featured on Bieber’s debut album.

Usher Justin Bieber
Usher and Justin Bieber collaborated on Somebody to Love

Over the years, Usher has been a loyal supporter of the Sorry singer’s music while Bieber has constantly expressed his love and gratitude to his mentor. With the Yummy crooner getting back on stage after a long hiatus during the NFL All-Star game, expectations were high that he would make a surprise appearance with Usher during the Super Bowl. But this was not to be and the OMG singer elaborated on why it did not materialize after a conversation with Bieber.

Usher Revealed The Reasons Behind Justin Bieber’s No-Show At The Super Bowl

A mentor-protégé relationship like Usher and Justin Bieber is a breath of fresh air in a cutthroat music industry. Fans of both singers who have been following their journeys to becoming superstars, have always looked forward to the celebrities sharing the stage together on marquee occasions. With Usher confirmed to perform at Super Bowl half-time, Bieber fans harbored the hope that the singer would make a surprise entry to join the Grammy winner following his return to stage after a prolonged illness.

Usher and Justin Bieber at the American Music Awards

But as it turned out, this did not happen and Usher went on to rock the half-time event in epic fashion as always. The Yeah singer though, addressed the thoughts on all fans’ minds regarding the possible presence of Bieber at the Super Bowl. Revealing that he did contact his protégé who declined the offer, Usher told The Breakfast Club,

“I honor and recognize the fact that my brother… I think it might have just been that he’s just wanting to tell a different story right now, and I did understand that. We did have a brief conversation, and we’re gonna do something else in the future.”

While fans from both camps would be disappointed at Bieber’s absence, the R&B crooner’s assurance that a future collaboration is in store will be eagerly awaited by listeners around the world. Fans will be hoping that this will be sooner rather than later.

Was Usher’s Half-Time Performance The Best Ever In Super Bowl History?

It is common knowledge that Usher’s brilliant vocals are only matched by his stunning performing skills. This potent combination has made the Grammy winner a force to reckon with in the music industry. During Super Bowl 2024, the charismatic celebrity proved once again why he is regarded as one of the best in the business.

Usher performed with Alicia Keys at the Super Bowl 2024

Usher’s electric half-time performance during Super Bowl Sunday has fans stating that it could be the best of all time in the history of the sport. With a moonwalking homage to Michael Jackson, and collaborations with superstar contemporaries like Alicia Keys and Ludacris, the singer ensured that his 13 minutes on stage will never be forgotten.

In addition, Usher’s costume changes which also included taking his shirt off and singing in roller skates, sent fans further into ecstasy. While it was expected that he will deliver nothing short of his best, this performance will be up there as a masterpiece from the singer’s repertoire.


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