“We don’t care if you are dating Taylor Swift”: Travis Kelce Gets Slammed For Pushing 65-Year-Old Coach in an Ugly Altercation

Travis Kelce's attitude towards Coach Andy Reid has met with a backlash from fans.

"We don't care if you are dating Taylor Swift": Travis Kelce Gets Slammed For Pushing 65-Year-Old Coach in an Ugly Altercation


  • Travis Kelce loses his temper at Coach Andy Reid during the Super Bowl.
  • Ardent fans point out that Travis Kelce's temper comes off as a major red flag.
  • Taylor Swift fans ask her to be careful with Travis Kelce.
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The highly awaited football game to determine the champion of the National Football League; the Super Bowl took place at Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada. The match between San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs marks the third straight year for the Super Bowl being played in the Western United States. One of the key highlights apart from the match is Taylor Swift’s presence to cheer her beau Travis Kelce, who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs.


Interestingly, fans and media dubbed the Super Bowl, which is regarded as one of the biggest sporting events as Taylor Swift Bowl or Swiftie Bowl as her relationship with Travis Kelce garnered a lot of attention. The artist’s frequent appearance at Chiefs games only helped the season to mark a record-breaking viewership, ticket sales, and merchandise sales. However, ardent fans of the game believe that Travis Kelce should have been benched after his altercation with their coach, Andy Reid.

Travis Kelce
Travis Kelce (Credits: Kansas City Chiefs Twitter)

Travis Kelce’s altercation with Coach Andy Reid draws criticism

Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce was seen getting furious at his coach Andy Reid after he was benched for a red zone play in the second quarter, which ended with a fumble by running back Isiah Pacheco. Chiefs’ running back Jerick McKinnon had to physically restrain Kelce as he screamed at the 65-year-old coach to let him in.


According to reports by Bleachers Reports, Travis Kelce’s frustration at his coach stemmed from the way the San Francisco 49er’s defense had rendered him ineffective. CBS analyst Tony Romo, according to Yahoo Sports, speculated that Kelce was aggressively saying that he should have stayed on the field with the team on the verge of the end zone.

Travis Kelce's altercation with Coach Andy Reid draws attention
Coach Andy Reid during pre-game practice (Credits: Kansas City Chiefs Twitter)

This was not the first time Travis Kelce was seen getting frustrated, as on Christmas Day when the Chiefs lost the match to the Las Vegas Raiders, Kelce was witnessed throwing his helmet at the bench. Coach Andy Reid shared about Travis Kelce during an interview with Kansas City earlier this month;

“Listen, Travis is always fired up; he’s always fired up. But with the playoffs, he’s even more so. I never worry about him being ready to go. He’s always right there and just brings that emotion to the guys, that just secure feeling that we’re going to go get this thing no matter what.”

At the time of the Kansas City Chiefs’ loss against the Las Vegas Raiders, Reid defended Kelce’s actions by stating that he went back in and did a nice job adding that these things happen during a game.


Fans disappointed with Travis Kelce’s attitude towards Coach Andy Reid

As much as the ardent fans of the game understand the frustration of Travis Kelce for not being on the field, they don’t miss out on the opportunity that he shouldn’t have spoken to his coach the way he did. Fans of Taylor Swift also pointed out that his temper comes off as a major red flag.

Travis Kelce
Travis Kelce draws criticism for his temper at Super Bowl (Credits: NJ.com)

Andy Signore wrote while sharing the now-viral clip of Kelce screaming at Andy Reid, “Yo Travis Kelce—we don’t care if you are dating Taylor Swift…this isn’t cool. You don’t yell at coach Andy Reid.”


A user wrote, “That’s a huge red flag to me. If he’s willing to push his coach around on live TV what does he do in private to family members, friends, and significant others when he doesn’t get his way?” Another X user noted that they were not only surprised but disappointed to see Travis do this.


The user pointed out that it’s a red flag for Taylor Swift, adding that they only wish the best for her, and they hate seeing a grown man with a temper. Fans came in support of the coach, stating that they find it sad and disappointing, especially after everything Andy Reid had done for Travis Kelce. They mentioned that the coach deserves way more respect than this.


Kansas City Chiefs became the first back-to-back Super Bowl Champions in two decades after defeating San Francisco 49ers 25-22 in overtime.


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