“We don’t wanna be producers who succumb to nepotism”: Bruce Lee Biopic Producer Doesn’t Regret Casting Director Ang Lee’s Son as Kung Fu Legend

"We don't wanna be producers who succumb to nepotism": Bruce Lee Biopic Producer Doesn't Regret Casting Director Ang Lee's Son as Kung Fu Legend
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The legendary martial artist Bruce Lee still remains a widely recognizable action figure, several decades after his unfortunate demise, in 1973. A myriad of movies and action stars have paid tribute to Lee, through their performance. But currently, the project that is creating a buzz on social media is Ang Lee’s highly-anticipated biopic of the legend. 

Bruce Lee
Legendary martial artist star Bruce Lee

Directing a film about Chinese American martial arts legend Bruce Lee, the Oscar-winning filmmaker of Life of Pi and Brokeback Mountain, is said to feature his son Mason Lee in the lead role. Although fans are not quite happy with this news, the director has confirmed his decision. 

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Ang Lee Will Feature His Son In Bruce Lee’s Biopic

The Oscar-winning director, Ang Lee is currently focused on his upcoming biopic on the Kung Fu legend Bruce Lee. Willing to showcase the life of the late action icon who helped bridge the cultural gap between the East and West, the Life of Pi director is all set to start filming the highly anticipated project. 

Ang Lee
Ang Lee is set to create a biopic on Bruce Lee

According to reports, Ang Lee is set to feature his son, Mason Lee in the lead role of Bruce Lee. With a solid resume to his name after appearing in The Hangover Part II as Teddy, the director’s son is all set to play the late martial arts legend in the biopic, helmed by his father. 

Ang Lee
The director’s son Mason Lee will portray Bruce Lee

There is no denying that Mason Lee is the spitting image of Bruce Lee, but apart from that there’s another factor that turned him into a potential lead for the biopic. Apparently, Ang Lee‘s son has spent nearly five years mastering the legend’s signature fighting style on camera. Thus, the director and producers believe Mason Lee can truly replicate the icon’s powerful presence. 


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Producers Have No Regret In Casting Director’s Son

However, after Ang Lee confirmed the news of casting his own son in his highly-anticipated biopic, fans were not thoroughly impressed by this decision. But, the director and the producers of the biopic seem to have turned a blind eye to fans’ concerns about nepotism. According to an interview with Collider, producer Lawrence Grey claimed to have no regret in casting Mason Lee. 

Mason Lee
Producers do not regret casting director’s son

Early on, Ang introduced me to his son, Mason Lee, who’s a very accomplished actor—particularly works a lot in China, although he’s been in some very successful American films—and he is a spitting image of Bruce. We had that in our pockets, and said, ‘Okay, we don’t wanna be producers who succumb to nepotism. We’ll put that aside.’” 

Bruce Lee
Lawrence Grey believes Mason Lee is the perfect actor to portray Bruce Lee

But then, after going through a myriad of interviews and auditions, the director and the producers realized there was no better match than Mason Lee. Thus, failing to find a better fit for the role, Lawrence Grey revealed how they decided to cast the director’s son. Thus, having no regret, Grey admitted, 


We did a worldwide search all across Asia and North America, and we didn’t find anyone as compelling as Mason” 

Believing that Ang Lee’s son, Mason Lee is the perfect casting for the titular role of Bruce Lee, Lawrence Grey on behalf of the crew, thus admitted having no regrets. 

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Source: Collider 


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