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We Found 20 Easter Eggs In Loki’s Third Episode

????WARNING: Spoilers ahead, this article is for people watching Loki on Disney+. Do not read on unless you have watched till episode 3.????

Forget about shipping Loki and Mobius, Loki’s third episode has got us a new dynamic duo to ship. The latest episode of Marvel Studios’ LOKI  doesn’t have much to offer for plot development but fans were delighted to meet Sophia Di Martino’s character, Sylvie.

The episode has rewritten our expectations from the series and has left us with a lot of questions. Playing again with the notion of trust, Loki is stranded on a dying moon from where escape seems next to impossible. With its brisk run time of just 35 minutes, Loki’s third episode was the shortest in the season so far. However, it was still full of surprises and Easter eggs that we saw on their journey across a dying moon:

1. The episode opens with the song “Demons” by Hayley Kiyoko playing in the background. This song was released on October 11, 2019, which is the National Coming Out Day in the United States.

2. Sylvie can be seen wearing a helmet similar to Loki’s. Hers however is missing one of the horns. In the comic Loki: Agent of Asgard, Both, Loki as well as Lady Loki wear a helmet with a missing horn. 

3. When Sylvie is watching the camera footage in the flashbacks, one can see Loki looking up to the sky and hoping to see Thor when a storm struck. This is a callback to Avengers where Loki was afraid of seeing Thor after hearing noises of thunder.

4. Loki gets reunited with his iconic twin daggers and performs a little flip with them. Similar to what we saw in Thor: Ragnarok 

5. The first magic trick that Loki plays after leaving the TVA is his favorite “teleporting behind the back of your enemy” trick which he uses most often when is about to stab someone from the back

6. Loki transports Sylvie and himself to a notable place called Lamentis-1. In the comics, it is mentioned to be on the edge of Kree space in Annihilation: Conquest Prologue Issue #1.

7. The comics also tell Lamentis to be a place where a lot of Quasar and Moondragon’s (Drax’s daughter) stories happened.

8. As predicted by many, the variant identifies herself as Sylvie and refuses to be called a variant of Loki. Loki however, calls her magic “enchantments” throughout the episode

9. Loki uses his shapeshifting magic for the first time in the series on Lamentis-1 to transform into an old man for initiating conversation. His shapeshifting ability was seen more notably in Thor: The Dark World.

10. Loki mentions to Sylvie that he learned the art of tricks from his mother Frigga. This was first mentioned by Thor in Thor: The Dark World 

11. Loki and Sylvie talk about Sylvie’s mind control powers. In the comics, the character of Sylvie/Enchantress uses the power of mental manipulation in Dark Reign: Young Avengers

12. Sharing their history, the duo land on the topic of love to which Sylvie asks Loki if he has ever been in a relationship with “would-be princesses or perhaps, another prince.” This is the first time ever Loki’s bisexuality has been discussed in the MCU.

13. Loki in several comics has been regarded as bisexual. Al Ewing, who’s the writer of Loki: Agent of Asgard, said, “Yes, Loki is bi. He’ll shift between genders occasionally as well.”

14. When having a gala time on the train, Loki begins to sing in Asgardian. This is similar to when we heard Wanda sing in Sokovian in WandaVision. In both cases, this is one of the very few times we’ve heard them speak in their native language

15. Loki follows the traditional Asgardian way of ordering another glass of drink on the train as he breaks his glass by smashing it on the floor. This is a callback to Thor smashing his coffee mug in Thor

16. In the middle of combat, Sylvie takes off her helmet and uses it as a weapon. Loki did a similar thing in Thor: Ragnarok.

17. Loki yet again falls in the iconic ‘I have been falling, for thirty minutes’ posture when thrown off the train and does the same hair flip

18. Loki realizing that the only way to survive Lamentis’s destruction is to board the ark was similar to what future Loki realized in Thor: Ragnarok when Asgard was being destroyed.

19. We learn that more than mischief, Sylvie excels in enchantments. However, requiring a physical touch to commence her magic makes Sylvie no match to Wanda

20. The end credits give out the name of the two guards that were collecting tickets from passengers boarding the train. They’re named as “PVT Hudson” and “Corporal Hicks,” which are nods to Hudson and Hicks from Aliens.


Loki’s episode 4 releases June 30, at 12:01 a.m. PT and 3:01 a.m. ET. on Disney+ on Wednesday

Did you catch any other cool easter egg in Loki’s third episode that we missed out? Make sure to share it with us in the comment section below!


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