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‘We got black Jessica Drew. Where’s white Miles Morales?’: Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Offends Racists So Badly They Want a Whitewashed Miles Morales

spider man across the spider verse

Miles Morales is walking proof of how Superheroes of the same name can coexist in peace and harmony, even formulating a mentor-mentee relationship. Spider-Man is the most iconic superhero for as long as one can remember, being popular amongst kids and adults alike. Peter Parker became the teenager everyone could relate to at one point and hence his popularity grew.

Miles Morales
Miles Morales

While he had a lot in common, one thing he could not get in touch with was the roots of culture that people of color share. Something that Morales could work with. While most fans enjoy this cultural exploration and seeing a hero who looks like them, some fans seem to find issues in that as well and want to see a white Miles Morales.

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Fans Want To See Miles Morales As Played By A White Actor

While Peter Parker has been soaring the skies of New York for decades now, he became one of the most followed superheroes at one point. He became an iconic character who was both strong and witty. The introduction of Miles changed the pace of Spider-Man’s story and all in a positive manner. He happened to be a character who was both a genius, witty, and very much in touch with his culture.

MilesMorales Hero PS5 Legal scaled 1
Miles Morales in the Spider-Man PlayStation version

A major part of Miles Morales‘ character gains power with his connection to his ethnicity. He is a symbol of the fact that anyone can be a hero regardless of race, gender and ethnicity. His role as a superhero who is also a person of color heightens to be an icon for those fans throughout the world. Spider-Woman too was seen in the trailer for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse and it showed her to be a black woman which too upset the fans. They claimed that this was done for inclusivity when in fact, this version of Jessica Drew debuted in the comics and was the original version of the superhero rather than the current one.

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Fans Defend Miles Morales Against Racist Fans

spider man into the spider verse miles morales 1
Miles Morales

Fans have been on a rampage to defend Miles Morales and why changing his ethnicity would be rather stupendous as to how white heroes have been introduced for a long time. Seeing heroes who look like their fans always attracts more of an audience.







To see fans make such racist comments demanding more white heroes than there already are is not something a majority of the audience is appreciating as the ratio of heroes of different ethnicities as compared to that of white heroes is a big imbalance.

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