“We had Downey driving the machine”: After Nearly Rejecting Marvel’s Offer, Chris Evans Was Relieved He Was Not the One Responsible to Build $29 Billion Worth MCU Franchise

After Nearly Rejecting Marvel’s Offer, Chris Evans Was Relieved He Was Not the One Responsible to Build $29 Billion Worth MCU Franchise

Chris Evans is one of the most well-recognized and respected actors. Though he has established himself as an incredibly talented actor, having starred in many massively successful projects like Knives Out, The Gray Man, Gifted, and The Red Sea Diving Resort, He is perhaps most well-known for and made a name for himself through his work in one of the biggest franchises Hollywood, the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Captain America.

Chris Evans
Chris Evans

Featuring in many different projects as the character in the franchise, with the Captain America films and the Avengers films being some examples, Evans became one of the key aspects of the MCU, finding it difficult to even imagine the franchise without him. This is why it was interesting to find out that the star initially did not want to be part of the franchise at all and only agreed to come along after he was told that the weight of making the franchise successful did not fall on him.

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Chris Evans Did Not Want To Be A Part Of The MCU

Chris Evans was a part of the MCU from the very beginning, having starred in his first film of the franchise, Captain America: The First Avenger, in 2011. With the franchise that has been planning years ahead ever since its beginning, it is safe to assume that when the actor signed on to play the character of Steve Rogers, he was well aware that his work with the franchise would be for a very long time. The actor has revealed in the past that he was initially quite reluctant because of the responsibility that came with joining Marvel.

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Captain America: The First Avenger
Chris Evans as Captain America

Elaborating on this, Evans revealed that he had rejected this role quite a few times until Kevin Feige himself came on to convince him to join. The reason why he was aversive towards the role was the fact that when he was in talks with Marvel it was not only for the first Captain America film but The Avengers films as well. Committing to a project for this long felt quite terrifying and daunting for him.

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Chris Evans Was Happy To Not Have The Responsibility Of Making The MCU Successful

During a recent interview with GQ, Chris Evans looked back on his initial years in the MCU. The actor talked about how he was aware of the big plans that the franchise had for not only his character but a collective story. They were looking to build a world like nothing before and having read the comics, he understood how big everything could get, especially for his own character. He added that the burden did not come from where his character was going to end up, rather, it came from the weight of having to create a massive universe.

Chris Evans Avengers Age of Ultron
Chris Evans in Avengers: Age of Ultron

“We knew that Marvel had big plans, that the goal was to create this tapestry and integrate this world in a way that really hadn’t been done prior and I knew what the comic books offered me you know? Just about the character.” He went on. “Yeah, it wasn’t a whole lot about where the character was gonna end up. It was more about the burden of trying to create this universe but that didn’t really fall in my lap. That was other people’s responsibility. And we had Downey driving the machine You know I mean as he had already done so well with Iron Man and it was such a phenomenon that you kind of felt like, ‘okay we’re off on the right foot.’” The actor told GQ

Though he understood this he also realized that this way did not fall on his shoulders and was not his responsibility as Robert Downey Jr. had already kickstarted the franchise through his massively successful, Iron Man. He added that this made him feel like the universe had started to form, stating that they had started off on the right foot.

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Source: GQ

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