“We had Henry Cavill sitting on a SILVER PLATTER”: Fans Claim James Gunn’s Ego Brought Down the Last Pillar of SnyderVerse

“We had Henry Cavill sitting on a SILVER PLATTER”: Fans Claim James Gunn’s Ego Brought Down the Last Pillar of SnyderVerse

Henry Cavill’s definitive role in Zack Snyder’s 2013 film, Man of Steel established his career just as much as it doomed him to an eternity of controversies and speculations. The movie’s sensational stay in the box office limelight following the wildly unpopular and divisive take on the DC superhero IP also makes the love and hate that shadows Cavill a warranted emotion on the fans’ part.

But as time fails to bridge the cavernous, expanding chasm between the two factions – one supporting and the other standing against the SnyderVerse – Henry Cavill gets caught in the crossfire that is currently lighting up in the pre-math of the DC reboot.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

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Henry Cavill Still at the Forefront of DC Fandom’s Mind

Henry Cavill’s DC career, despite its promising origin, was quick to go downhill. The chaotic aftermath that followed marked one of the most divisive times in the history of Warner Bros. In light of that chaos was born the first kindling of an interconnected DC universe, an idea that was later given life to by David Zaslav and James Gunn’s joint vision.

Henry Cavill's Superman in BvS
Henry Cavill’s Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

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But considering how that version of the DC universe did not have a place to accommodate Henry Cavill as Superman, the DC fandom that was left broken-hearted after his unofficial exit in 2017 still reels in the aftermath of his formal resignation in 2022. The animosity in this case is an understandable one. An actor of such caliber is rarely found, let alone one that is so enthusiastic about taking on and honoring the role of pop culture’s oldest and most recognizable icon.

And as such, despite the controversies that plague his role in the SnyderVerse, Cavill still remains relevant in the never-ending debate surrounding the DCU Superman.

SnyderVerse Fans Revolt Against DCU Superman Casting

Henry Cavill's Superman breathes his last at DC
Henry Cavill’s Superman breathes his last at DC

The unceremonious shunning of Henry Cavill after his momentary comeback in October 2022 reignited the fury and the backlash that had been simmering since 2017’s Justice League. The actor’s official exit from the Superman scene makes him the martyr in the war between DC and Zack Snyder and his graceful bow-out makes the climactic event all the more tragic, thus immortalizing Cavill in the public’s mind.

But as Gunn approaches closer to getting his new Superman in the bag, the fandom spills over with a new-found and vehement revulsion – too furious to let Cavill’s memory from dying out and yet too powerless to do anything about it, except perhaps taking to Twitter to let their opinions be known.

In the broader scenario, the mayhem set alight by the Warner Bros. Discovery merger of 2022 did manage to mellow out the shock and disbelief of the October-November events. The return and exit of Cavill felt more like an aftershock as compared to the cataclysmic scale of cancellations and slashing of projects that preceded it.

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James Gunn’s revival of the broken and disfigured universe was by no means a small feat but even the best creative minds – the crème de la crème – of the industry could not help in salvaging the shattered reputation and disillusionment suffered by a collective mass of people after the premature death of the SnyderVerse storyline.

The SnyderVerse trilogy is available for streaming on Max.

Superman: Legacy will premiere on July 11, 2025.

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