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“We have fantastic chemistry”: Jada Smith Confronted Will Smith for Hooking Up With Margot Robbie While Herself Sleeping Around With August Alsina?

"We have fantastic chemistry": Jada Smith Confronted Will Smith for Hooking Up With Margot Robbie While Herself Sleeping Around With August Alsina?

The Hollywood celebrity couple, Will and Jada Smith have shared an intense, volatile, and controversy-driven marriage ever since they tied the knot in 1997. The marriage, which has often been claimed by the latter as the result of being forced into it by her mother and also an open arrangement has drawn a multitude of criticism and backlash over the years since the blasting revelations made by rapper August Alsina in 2020 about his affair with Jada Pinkett Smith.

Since then, the host of untold truths and misdirection that the couple had served to the media as a blanket over their domestic troubles came out in droves. The rumors that have made the most noise, however, was Will Smith’s alleged affair with his Focus co-star, Margot Robbie, back in 2013.

Margot Robbie and Will Smith in Focus (2015)
Margot Robbie and Will Smith in Focus (2015)

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Did Jada Smith Confront Will Smith Over Affair Allegations?

Since the years following 2013, behind-the-scenes snapshots and promotional interviews involving Margot Robbie and Will Smith have served to drudge up mass speculations about the pair being involved in an affair. Images from an afterparty in New Orleans taken around the time of their film’s shooting moreover revealed Smith and Robbie in pictures that could easily be misconstrued as something more intimate than what was being let on. An insider, at the time, commented on Will Smith’s behavior around Robbie, further fanning the flames of their alleged rendezvous in the former’s trailer.

Will Smith and Jada Smith at Emancipation red carpet premiere
Will Smith and Jada Smith at Emancipation red carpet premiere

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A couple of years later, on Howard Stern’s radio show, Jada Smith defended her husband claiming that his being attracted to women or commenting on their physicality did not equate to him not still loving Pinkett Smith. However, during the 2020 Red Table Talk episode that confirmed Alsina’s claims of the affair happening, the pair revealed that they had knowledge of it and had taken a break, following which the couple reunited and were going stronger than ever.

Fan speculations at the time then dug up the 2013 videos and rumors, indirectly hinting at the possibility that the rumors surrounding Will Smith and Margot Robbie could have perhaps driven Jada Smith to confront her husband and later have an affair with the 27-year-old rapper during their consequential fallout.

Will Smith and Margot Robbie’s Affair Allegations Explained

The celebrity duo, appearing in films like Focus (2015) and Suicide Squad (2016), has long been an unlikely candidate for rumors regarding their close relationship with each other. The friendship which blossomed on the sets of Focus pit the then 23-year-old Margot Robbie with the A-lister, Will Smith, as the two spearheaded their first romance crime drama alongside each other. However, rumors started floating around when the pair skipped the film’s wrap party to spend their evening in Will Smith’s trailer.

Margot Robbie and Will Smith on the Suicide Squad red carpet premiere
Margot Robbie and Will Smith at the Suicide Squad London premiere

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Margot Robbie vehemently denied the accusations on Twitter saying, “Been working non-stop, just catching my breath. There’s absolutely no truth to the ridiculous rumor in Star mag…” (referring to The New York Post story about their New Orleans party). Over the years, the speculations died down and reports indicated that the pair were initially hesitant about filming Suicide Squad together, but eventually found their way onto the sets of the David Ayer movie, which took the brunt of the steam due to its lackluster execution and similar reception, allowing Robbie and Smith to avoid being the subject of any further controversy.

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