“We have Firefly at home”: Starfield’s Lazy Interpretation of Future Space Civilisations is Getting Ruined Over on Reddit

Starfield doesn't really feel like a out of the world adventure.


  • Starfield players have criticized the interpretation of future space civilizations.
  • Players have coined it as a laughable interpretation.
  • The game is currently played by fewer players than Skyrim.
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Bethesda’s Starfield, the action role-playing title was one of the highly-anticipated titles that was released last year but soon players realized it wasn’t exactly what the developer promised and what they expected. The game received mixed reviews from players and critics at launch and although it’s a commercial success, Starfield was criticized for lazy space exploration, lack of depth, and more.


The game has once come under fire as playinterpretation ers on Reddit are bashing the developer for the lackluster interpretation of future space civilizations in the game with players stating that it doesn’t sit well with Bethesda’s so-called ‘NASA-punk’ art style of the game.

Players Destroy Bethesda’s Space Frontier Interpretation in Starfield

Starfield players bash the developer for its interpretation of space civilization.
Starfield players bash the developer for its interpretation of space civilization.

Starfield player and Redditor u/-Caesar took to the Starfield subreddit and posted if a cowboy town is the best Bethesda could do to represent a space frontier. They further added this interpretation is almost “laughable” and does not make sense in the in-game world which is filled with technological advancements. They further mentioned that the developer claims their art style for the game to be “NASA-punk” but this representation does not even sit well with the overall aesthetic.


Many players weighed their thoughts on this discussion with a player adding that it is like “we have Firefly at home.” Another player added that the whole game’s theme feels like we have something at home and this stopped the game from reaching its true potential. Players even added that this does not set a good example for the Elder Scrolls 6 which is currently under development at Bethesda.

A player added that a cowboy town in Firefly is acceptable as the technology differed in every community and Starfield factions on the other hand have access to spaceships easily. Therefore, it does not make sense for the game to have such a lazy interpretation of space civilizations.

Players also added that the game tries to cater to players who want to live space fantasy in the game but it fails at that too because out of everything that should be present in the game, a few things are only there and they too feel like lazy imitations. This is quite right as the players feel like they have seen everything within a few hours of the game. A player even said that it feels like cowboy cosplay.

Players state that everything in the game feels like a lazy interpretation.
Players state that everything in the game feels like a lazy interpretation.

Many added that Starfield also seems to have no lore and the in-game world just makes no sense, proving that Bethesda can not bring a plausible and functioning society. The game was also criticized for empty planets and even though the developer added that they were empty by design, players found that most of them were empty with little to no exploration elements.

A player went on to say that Starfield has any goodwill just because the game “scratches an itch” for a space adventure where players can be nobody or who they want and no other game does that. All this has led to players outgrowing Starfield and the game is even played by fewer players currently than Skyrim which was released over a decade ago.

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