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“We just hated each other”: Forget About Dating Bruce Willis, Cybill Shepherd Did Not Even Have a Good Time Working With Him in ‘Moonlighting’

bruce willis and cybill shepherd

Starring Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd in the lead roles, Moonlighting soon became a fan favorite thanks to its unique approach to storytelling. Not only was Moonlighting loved by the fans, but even the critics couldn’t stop themselves from praising the elements of the show, especially the chemistry between Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd’s characters.


The banter between the lead actors’ characters created a romantic tension that gave the viewers butterflies. For a couple of seasons, the question of when they will put their feelings out in the open was on every fan’s mind. Finally, in season 3, the pair acted on their feelings. Fans wondered if Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis ever thought of getting together in real life. However, the two have made it clear that they were not interested in a romantic relationship at all.

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No Off-Screen Romance for Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd in Moonlighting
Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd in Moonlighting

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Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis played the roles of Maddie Hayes and David Addison Jr., respectively. Since their on-screen chemistry was so incredible, fans couldn’t help but wonder if it was the same off-screen, too.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Shepherd talked about a point in time when she and Willis could absolutely not stand each other. She stated,

“It’s hard to do a show and keep your relationships with everybody. I remember at one point in the show, it had gotten to where we just hated each other. It was a very volatile show anyway, but that’s also what made it great.”

Willis, too, revealed that they didn’t get along on the show. During his appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show, Willis was asked if he would ever reunite with Shepherd for a project. To this, he replied, “I don’t think so.” He then added that people might like to see him diss Shepherd, but he is not going to do that. On not getting along, Willis stated,


“We didn’t get along very well on that show, I will say that…You know, fourteen hour days, five days a week, and I was working 12 months here, I would do that, show for, you know, 9 months and then I would go to a film. It’s just a hard thing to do. I have no hard feelings…I have no interest in saying bad things about her.”

Despite the fact that they didn’t get along during the five seasons of the show, it is commendable how Willis was professional enough to keep his feelings toward Shepherd to himself!

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Bruce Willis Raised The Temperature For Cybill Shepherd

Cybill Shepherd
Cybill Shepherd

In the interview with Entertainment Weekly, Shepherd also talked about how sparks flew when Willis was in the room. She stated that she had rehearsed with a lot of men, but there was just something different about Willis.

“We had the real stuff. I went to the network and did readings with, like 17 different men. And I felt no spark with them. But with Bruce, the temperature in the room went 20 degrees higher. For me, anyway.”

At a different time, Shepherd told Extra that both she and Willis were attracted to one another but never acted on it. In her words, “My temperature went up 10 degrees. That meant two things to me: One, I was very attracted to him. Two, I would’ve never acted on it ‘cause we were both very attracted to each other.” Even though the two shared the same feelings, they ultimately decided to keep their relationship strictly professional.

Moonlighting is not available on any streaming platform as of now.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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