“We kicked a*s with this movie”: Cobra Kai Star Desperately Wants James Gunn’s Approval For a Place in Justice League After DCU Reboot

"We kicked a*s with this movie": Cobra Kai Star Desperately Wants James Gunn's Approval For a Place in Justice League After DCU Reboot

Earlier this year, James Gunn announced the initial projects under the first chapter of his DCU. Although the first chapter did not include anything about a Justice League movie, a new superhero expressed his wish to join the team. Known for starring in Netflix’s Cobra Kai, Xolo Maridueña is set to make his DC debut with the upcoming film Blue Beetle. It follows Jaime Reyes, who gets incredible superpowers after possessing an alien biotechnology, the Scarab.

Blue Beetle (2023)
Blue Beetle (2023)

During his recent interview with Empire Magazine, the 21-year-old actor talked about his upcoming film and his future under James Gunn’s new DCU, claiming that he is ready for whatever comes his way.

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Xolo Maridueña Hopes to Join Justice League

The upcoming DC film Blue Beetle, starring Xolo Maridueña, is set to release in August this year. The film has been under production for a while and was being developed under Zack Snyder’s DCEU. Like other DCEU projects, it has also been a subject of discussion whether this would be Maridueña’s first and last DC film.

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Blue Beetle
Xolo Mariduena

However, it is believed that the upcoming film hardly has any connection to DCEU, raising the possibilities for the Furst Born star to continue his DCU journey. And the Blue Beetle actor also wishes the same. Talking about his future in James Gunn’s DCU, Maridueña also mentioned that he hopes to join Justice League in the future as well.

“If we get one movie or a trilogy and fucking fold this into the Justice League sh*t, we’re ready for the whole nine… “

Blue Beetle actor hopes to join Justice League
Blue Beetle actor hopes to join Justice League

He also went on to mention how great his DC debut movie is, and how director Angel Manuel Soto and the whole team “kicked a*s with this movie.” However, he also stated that Blue Beetle’s future also depends on the film’s performance, as he said, “It just depends on numbers.” While nothing is confirmed yet, there have been multiple indications that the co-CEOs seem to be in favor of Blue Beetle staying.

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Blue Beetle’s Future in James Gunn’s DCU

James Gunn has claimed that he would not re-cast all the characters from the existing DCU. However, that does not seem to be going as planned, with most of the actors preparing for their last DC appearance. While there might not be a Justice League project under the new DCU initially, things seem positive for Xolo Maridueña’s future to join the team.

Blue Beetle
Blue Beetle

Earlier reports have claimed that the co-CEOs could incorporate the film under the new DCU. Apart from that, the promotional material for Blue Beetle has also hinted at the superhero joining James Gunn’s DCU. One of the marketing posters for the film, which was released in December 2022, said, “This is just the beginning,” leading many to assume that Blue Beetle would continue his journey under Gunn’s DCU reboot.

Blue Beetle is set to release on 18 August 2023.

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Source: Empire Magazine

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