“We laid out the seeds”: At Least 5 Fast X Scenes Contain Major Plot Details for Fast 11 – Director Says Fans Must Do One Thing to Decipher Them

"We laid out the seeds": At Least 5 Fast X Scenes Contain Major Plot Details for Fast 11 - Director Says Fans Must Do One Thing to Decipher Them

The Fast & Furious franchise saga is gradually coming to its end, as the release of Fast X has marked the franchise to be in its final stage, and give a dramatic conclusion to the fans of the series. Even though the fans of the franchise have given mixed emotions to the prolonged run of the action series, it looks like the 10th film of the saga contained some major spoilers for the upcoming sequel, Fast & Furious 11.

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Vin Diesel as Dom Toretto
Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto

Vin Diesel’s portrayal of Dominic Toretto is as iconic as it gets, when we think of him in the role cut sleeves and Dodge Charger are the first things when we think of him in the movie. Recently, Louis Leterrier, the director of the Fast X movie stated how the dialogues of the film contained major spoilers for the upcoming film, and that establishes some major plot revelations for the 11th film of the saga.


Louis Leterrier States Fast X Contained Secrets For Fast 11

The Fast and Furious franchise is one of the most outrageous movie series ever created, but Fast X returns with not only a good plot but also sets the expectations right for the fans of the franchise. During an exclusive interview with CinemaBlend, Louis Leterrier the director of the 10th sequel had a special request to the fans of the franchise who are looking for secrets for the next film of the franchise.

Fast X
Fast X

The director states how the plot details for Fast 11 are hidden in the dialogues of the 10th film and it is divided into multiple scenes throughout the movie, that hold the secret of the future of the film’s storyline.


“Listen to what is said, listen to the dialogue. I think people enjoy the visuals, and the flare, and the fun, and everything. But there are some scenes that are designed where the conversations, the threats are real. When something sticks out, it’s for a reason. I’m not talking about one scene in particular, there’s like five scenes where we laid out the seeds to our great, next part of this adventure.”

A still from Fast X
A still from Fast X

Later in the same interview, Leterrier states one of the scenes from Fast X where “Cipher enters Dom and Letty’s house,” the scene contains major spoilers for the upcoming as what she says will come true in the next film.

“Let’s start with the beginning. The moment where Cipher enters Dom and Letty’s house. Whatever she says will inform everything.”

While it is difficult to interpret what the scene meant, and how it will affect the future of the Fast and Furious franchise, one thing is for sure the upcoming film will be full of action.


What Can We Expect From Fast 11?

Even though the scene between Cipher and Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto makes it difficult to interpret how the dialogues in Fast X would affect the storyline in Fast 11. Moreover, the secret scenes were not revealed by Louis Leterrier in the exclusive interview. However, from the first scene, it can be assumed that Dante Reyes is not the typical antagonist that we have seen in previous films of the franchise, and he will not stop until he destroys Dominic Toretto and his family.

Jason Momoa
Jason Momoa as Dante Reyes in Fast X

Fans, who have watched the film will know that at the end of the film, Toretto’s family is torn apart and the fate of many important characters is left in the dark. And it can be believed that going forward in the story Dante Reyes will continue getting more dangerous. However, the post-credits scene of Fast X marked the return of Dwayne Johnson who will reprise his role of Luke Hobbs and he will go against Jason Momoa’s Dante Reyes in Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Reyes.


Hence, the future remains uncertain for many important characters of the franchise, but one thing is certain going forward Dante Reyes will become more dangerous with more tricks up his sleeve and the franchise will be more action-packed.

Fast X can be streamed on Peacock.


Source: CinemaBlend


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