We Live in Time: Andrew Garfield’s Love Story With Florence Pugh Will Make You Cry Once You Know About Tragic Story of Garfield’s Mother

Andrew Garfield and Florence Pugh are collaborating for a movie that holds a tragic connection to Garfield's mother.

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  • Andrew Garfield and Florence Pugh star in "We Live in Time," a heartwrenching love story where Pugh's character, Almut, is diagnosed with cancer.
  • Garfield's performance is deeply emotional due to his personal experience with his mother's battle with pancreatic cancer.
  • The film premieres at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2024 and will have a limited theatrical release on October 11, 2024.
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Andrew Garfield and Florence Pugh are keeping up the excellent chemistry they displayed at the Oscars 2023 in their upcoming limited-theatrical-release scheduled movie, We Live in Time. In the heartwarming but heartwrenching trailer recently released for the R-rated love story, both actors perfectly showed off their brilliant rom-com chops in the most moving manner realistically possible.

Andrew Garfield and Florence Pugh in We Live in Time. | Credit: A24.
Andrew Garfield and Florence Pugh in We Live in Time. | Credit: A24.

But while the trailer is enough to have fans wanting more to know about this tragic love story, one other aspect of it could actually have fans bawling out. This is because the one major thing that Pugh’s character Almut ends up discovering about herself is the very thing that Garfield’s mother had to go through as well, which makes his performance more emotionally moving than ever before.

Florence Pugh’s Almut Holds a Key Connection to Andrew Garfield’s Mother

A24 recently released the trailer of We Live in Time, and fans are already wanting more of the Oscars 2023’s Best Screenplay Award presenting duo together in the movie. Starring Pugh as a chef in the making named Almut and Andrew Garfield as an exclusive divorcée named Tobias, this film captures the decades of togetherness this pair ends up spending concurrently.

Andrew Garfield and Florence Pugh in We Live in Time. | Credit: A24.
Pugh and Garfield in a still from the movie. | Credit: A24.

That is until a tough-to-swallow discovery is made about Florence Pugh‘s Almut: She gets diagnosed with cancer. But while the tragic fate of the character depends upon the storyline, The Amazing Spider-Man actor actually holds a personal first-hand experience of everything one has to go through when a loved one gets diagnosed with this chronic illness.

This is because Garfield’s late mother, Lynn Garfield, was a victim of this very disease. For those who may not know, Lynn was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and eventually ended up leaving this world due to the same. Needless to say, this feeling left the actor with “precise agony,” as he shared with Jackie Long on Channel 4 (per The Guardian).

Pugh and Garfield in a still from the film's trailer. | Credit: A24.
Pugh and Garfield in a still from the film’s trailer. | Credit: A24.

All of this being said, having such a close, real-life encounter with something so heartwrenching must have indeed been a truly chaotically emotional experience for Garfield. At the same time, it also seems to have greatly contributed to his performance in this movie, as can already be understood after watching him in the trailer.


With that being brought out and about into the light, fans have been talking about the same. In fact, that’s not all, because while sympathizing with him for this, they have also been pulling out further different aspects about just how emotionally tragic this movie must have been to work on for the Tick, Tick… Boom! star all along.

Fans React to We Live in Time Being a Personal Piece for Andrew Garfield

A still from the rom-com's trailer. | Credit: A24.
A still from the rom-com’s trailer. | Credit: A24.

Ever since the trailer hit the internet, fans have been going wild about just how much the true rom-com era could be coming back with this movie and how they can’t wait to watch it. Meanwhile, some other fans are pointing out how critically emotional this piece of work would be if Garfield is shown losing another one of his Blonde love interests onscreen.

All in here are their top reactions to it all on X:




So far, details known about the film have revealed that it has been executively produced by Benedict Cumberbatch through his company SunnyMarch, along with Leah Clarke, Adam Ackland, and Guy Heeley. Its script has been tamed by Nick Payne, the writer behind 2021’s The Last Letter From Your Lover, and the direction has been done by filmmaker John Crowley.


We Live in Time will be world premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival in September this year. This will follow with a limited theatrical release on the 11th of October, 2024.

You can watch the trailer of the movie here:

We Live In Time | Official Trailer HD | A24


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