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“We love working together”: Jennifer Lopez Hints Another Movie With Ben Affleck After Gigli Disaster That Nearly Destroyed Their Careers

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been back together for almost two years now, but they first met on the set of their first movie together in 2003, Gigli. The two are happily married and successful in their careers, with Lopez’s singing and acting as well as Affleck’s directing and acting career. It has been a while since the two have worked together and fans have been wondering when that would happen again.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

The two have been thriving both individually and together, so it is no doubt that fans wish to see them work together on the big screen as well. When the actress was questioned about the possibility of collaboration ever happening, she left the audience with further hope.

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Jennifer Lopez States That Her And Ben Affleck Might Make A Movie Together

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have worked on two movies together, Gigli and Jersey Girl. While the former was a massive flop at the box office, the latter had done somewhat well. Since then, the two have not come together to work on a movie. During the premiere of Shotgun Wedding, Lopez’s latest movie, she had been asked the exact question of when the two could get together for a film.

jennifer lopez ben affleck 4
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

To this, the actress explained rather chirpily how the two love being with each other and that she would not cut out the possibility of the two working together in the future. She further elaborated on how the two enjoy working with each other a lot and she would love to see that happen once again.

While their previous movies have not been so successful, it does not make either of the two loose hope of a day when they could film a movie with each other once again. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck both are talented actors, with the latter being an amazing director as well. So to see the two collaborate once more would be an interesting sight to see.

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Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Making A Movie Together Could Potentially Lead To Their Redemption

The first movie that the duo did had been an epic failure at the box office, and fans have since then been hoping to see Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez make another film together in order to make up for their previous mishap.

Ben Affleck with Jennifer Lopez

Their talents both individual and combined are mesmerizing to encounter. Their experience as well can play a big enough factor in them perfecting an upcoming movie. This could change the fact that the only movies that they worked together on had not been received well by the audience.

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