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‘We need this to succeed so we can get Teen Titans’: James Gunn Confirms Blue Beetle is Part of DCU as DC Fans Demand Their Own Young Avengers

'We need this to succeed so we can get Teen Titans': James Gunn Confirms Blue Beetle is Part of DCU as DC Fans Demand Their Own Young Avengers

Fans have been talking about the changes James Gunn has been making in the new DCU. However, the conversation shifted to the upcoming film Blue Beetle soon after the release of its first official trailer. The Xolo Mariduena feature is set to release in August this year. With its trailer release, fans were again facing the same question, if Mariduena’s superhero would continue under James Gunn’s new DCU or not.

Blue Beetle (2023)
Blue Beetle (2023)

And seems like fans have found their answer in Gunn’s announcement for the first chapter of the DCU. While the studio has not confirmed anything yet, fans are happy with the alleged confirmation of the film.

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James Gunn Seemingly Confirmed Blue Beetle in the DCU

In January 2023, James Gunn announced some of the projects under his DCU’s first chapter, Gods & Monsters. While talking about the first chapter of the DCU, he also shared how the recent films would unfold under the DC universe. He first mentioned Shazam! 2, and he hinted that the sequel had the potential to continue under it.

James Gunn
DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn

After this, he mentioned that The Flash would reset the entire DC Universe, and it would lead to Blue Beetle. Talking about the Xolo Mariduena feature, he said that the film is about a kid “who is a marvelous part of the DCU.”

The co-CEO seemingly confirmed that the 2023 action adventure, which takes place after the reboot, could be the first official film under his DCU. He also mentioned that it would take them to Aquaman 2, which would lead to future projects. It could also be speculated to be true as the universe is expected to have a fresh new start.

A still from Blue Beetle trailer
A still from the Blue Beetle trailer

And this could mean that the films released after the Ezra Miller feature would probably fall under the new DCU. Although the studio or the co-CEOs have not confirmed anything yet, fans are happy with the slight hint that they would see Xolo Mariduena’s Blue Beetle in the future as well.

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Fans Don’t Want Blue Beetle to End Up Like Shazam! 2

As DC released the first official trailer of Blue Beetle, fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts. The trailer has received a promising response, and fans seem excited to see the superhero on screen. However, the concern is still the same as it was with the earlier films that do not fall under James Gunn’s first chapter.

Xolo Mariduena as Blue Beetle
Xolo Mariduena as Blue Beetle

Fans are worried if the film’s box office performance would affect its future in the cinematic universe or if the Suicide Squad director genuinely wants to work with the superhero in the future. While nothing is certain yet, fans are being asked to support these projects, as, if the film fails at the box office, there is hardly a possibility Gunn would continue with the character.

The Home of DCU shared the tweet that Blue Beelte’s future depends on its box office collection and asked fans to show up in theatres. Some fans also argued how Shazam! and Black Adam are worth a watch, but they still failed to be successful. And they fear the same could also be the case for the Angel Manuel Soto film. Some fans also shared that the film needs to succeed, as it could lead to Teen Titans’ entry into the DCU.

Blue Beetle will release in theatres on 18 August 2023.

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