“We should be ending up with different people”: Timothée Chalamet Apparently Bored Of Ending Up With Florence Pugh In Movies As Fans Claim Dune Star Spoilt Upcoming Sequel

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Timothée Chalamet has been rising in the world of Hollywood from one successful role to another. His roles have ranged from Call Me By Your Name to Little Women, expressing his range of talent in a beautiful way. With Dune: Part 2 underway, having the filming in full swing, the audience will soon be seeing Paul return to the world of Frank Herbert’s creation and bring it to life.

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Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet in Dune

His upcoming movie, Bones and All is going to be released soon and with it, the actor has been doing press for the same. During this press, he talked about his experience of working with both Zendaya and Florence Pugh and how he thinks of them as tremendous actresses.

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Timothée Chalamet Talked About Working With Zendaya And Florence Pugh

Paul in Dune

Dune and the entire following series of films are based on books written by Frank Herbert in the 1960s. The second part would follow Zendaya‘s character while the first did Timothée Chalamet‘s. However, this sequel would also be including Florence Pugh, reuniting the two actors ever since Little Women. Pugh played Amy March while Chalamet played the role of Theodore Laurence. While his character throughout the movie wishes to be with her sister Jo, he eventually ends up with Amy.

Florence Pugh with Timothée Chalamet in Little Women

“She’s an incredible actor. She was incredible in ‘Dune’ — seriously incredible. She brought a gravitas to the role. And I can’t believe my good fortune at this young age…between Taylor Russell in ‘Bones and All’ and Zendaya in ‘Dune.’ And Austin Butler’s in that movie too.”

A similar setting is seen with the characters of Paul and Irulan despite Chani, Zendaya’s character and Chalamet’s character being destined to end up together. He appreciated working with so many talented actors and how much he enjoys both Pugh and Zendaya’s company and acknowledges their skills. He expressed how brilliant of friends they are and that working with the two is wonderful.

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Timothée Chalamet Spoilt The Dune Sequel And Made The Fans Upset In The Process

In an interview with Variety, Timothée Chalamet revealed a little about the plot for the second part of Dune while talking about how Florence Pugh and he were working together once again. He stated how his and her’s characters keep ending up together even though they have a third love interest involved.


This seemed to be a spoiler for fans which they did not appreciate, claiming that the plot of the movie has somewhat already been revealed. While at the same time, they also defend the actor stating that the books have been out for over sixty years and do not account for any spoilers as the script and story itself have been out for the audience to view at any time they wish to.


Bones And All will be out in theatres from 18th November 2022.

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Source: Variety

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