“We simply cannot lose Jamie Foxx”: Marvel Star’s Uncanny Mike Tyson Impression Convinces Fans He Was Born to Play Him in Tyson Biopic Amidst Health Concerns

mike tyson and jamie foxx

The retired boxing legend Mike Tyson has been really close with Hollywood star Jamie Foxx for quite a long time. Bonding over Foxx’s uncanny impressions of Tyson, it was reported, the actor shall play the role of the boxer in his biopic. However, following Foxx’s surprising health scare that got him seeking immediate medical aid, fans appeared concerned for his well-being and career. 

Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx is to play Mike Tyson in his biopic

Although it was reported Jamie Foxx would play Mike Tyson in his biopic with the help of CGI and Martin Scorsese, if needed, fans are having high hopes for the actor’s well-being. Reportedly praying for Foxx to get well, netizens believe the actor was born to play the role of Tyson, after witnessing his impressions of the boxer. 

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Jamie Foxx’s Accurate Impressions Of Mike Tyson

Although biographical movies are a tough thing, it seems some actors are born for it. Just like Jamie Foxx appears to be the onscreen replication of retired boxer Mike Tyson. Crossing paths with the boxer at the age of 22 while performing stand-up comedy, Foxx mesmerized the legend with his incredible impersonation. 

Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx with Mike Tyson

Ever since then, the two became great friends and in recent years Foxx is set to play the role of Tyson in his biopic. Going through the journey of physically embodying the boxing legend, the 55-year-old went through a workout routine on a daily basis. However, Foxx’s recent ailment that rushed him to the hospital for immediate care, delayed the biopic project of Tyson. 

Jamie Foxx
Foxx was hospitalized after a health scare

Reportedly being the top choice of the boxer, Jamie Foxx is hard to be replaced, despite the delay. Even fans seem to be holding onto the 55-year-old actor to portray Tyson, especially after witnessing his impressions video. 

Highlighting the idea of involving CGI like in the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Mike Tyson touched upon Jamie Foxx’s health condition. During the recent episode of the Valuetainment podcast, with host Patrick Bet-David, Tyson spoke about his biopic.

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Fans Await Mike Tyson’s Biopic Amid Jamie Foxx’s Health Scare 

Following Jamie Foxx’s immediate hospitalization in April 2023, while shooting in Atlanta with Cameron Diaz, the actor’s family reportedly kept his medical condition private. Mentioning the unnamed medical complication, Foxx’s daughter Corinne updated his fans about his health and improvement. However, despite attempting to keep it a secret, Mike Tyson unintentionally revealed Foxx’s ailment. 

Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson accidentally disclosed Foxx’s ailment

Replying to Patrick Bet-David’s curiosity about Jamie Foxx’s health, Tyson accidentally spilled the beans stating, “Yeah, they said stroke”. Although the boxer later tried squeezing out of the conversation by changing the topic, netizens connected the dots especially after Corinne Foxx was spotted outside a physical rehab center dealing with trauma and stroke, in Chicago. 


Wishing good health to Jamie Foxx and a speedy recovery, fans are hoping to watch the actor back in the business, shooting Tyson’s biopic. Witnessing repeated videos and clips of Foxx impersonating the boxer, fans are convinced, no one can play a better Tyson than the 55-year-old. 

Meanwhile, there are reports of the actor getting well and recovering from his medical complication. Corinne Foxx repeatedly confirmed, her father is now out of hospital, as he improves his condition at a physical rehab center in Chicago.   

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Source: Twitter, Daily Caller  

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