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“We thought it was a strategic move”: The Rock Claims it Was His Genius Idea to Release Black Adam on Digital For Holiday Season as Fans Ask Actor to Humbly Accept His Disappointing Box-Office Defeat

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Black Adam promised unbridled chaos and it delivered on its word for the first half hour of the film’s 125-minute runtime. The superbly crafted sequence that sets up Black Adam’s entry before he takes on the JSA and the Intergang was almost an invocation of Larry Fong’s cinematography in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. However, the excitement soon died down in light of the predictable plot and what turned out to be just another staple superhero action film.

In the aftermath of the box-office drama, the overly hyped promotion and the underwhelming reception have now led the Black Adam star to reorient his strategies and move up the dates for the film’s digital platform release. Now, The Rock holds hopes for the film to cast a wider net over the audience during the holiday season and cross over into the coveted $500 million mark.

Black Adam struggles at the box-office
Black Adam struggles at the box-office

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Black Adam Star Strategizes the Release of Film on Digital

Dwayne Johnson’s narrative of the anti-hero of DC has been in the making for the past decade and a half. The realization of the actor’s dream then came at a time when the already crumbling DC hit rock bottom amid building controversies, massive slashing of projects, and an internal restructuring of DC Films management.

Amid the mounting despair, The Rock won the fans’ hearts with the promise of bringing glory back to the esteemed comic book movie franchise and by actually listening to his audience. Adding to the building hopes of the fandom were his attempts to successfully bring Henry Cavill back as Superman. But all of that fails to keep the torch burning for Black Adam in theatres.

Black Adam fails to reinstate DC hierarchy
Black Adam fails to reinstate the DC hierarchy

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Now, The Rock, who has already proved himself a business-savvy individual capable of vision and foresight into the progress and development of a failing industry, has had to put on his thinking cap once again to revive Black Adam to its initial glory. In a recently updated video on Twitter, he elaborated on the necessity to make the DCU movie accessible to the audience across the globe by taking the movie outside of its theatrical limitations and releasing Black Adam digitally earlier than its assigned schedule.

The Rock Comments on Black Adam‘s Early Digital Release

Recently on Twitter, Dwayne Johnson paused to thank his fans and the audience for Black Adam‘s indomitable success on iTunes after the movie reached #1 within a day of its release on the platform. The 7-minute thanks also included an explanation of The Rock’s strategic release of his fall film just before the holiday season.

“We released Black Adam yesterday [Nov. 22]. We thought it was a strategic release to go on all digital platforms as we’re still out in theaters, as we go into the Thanksgiving holidays, and of course, the Christmas holidays, Hanukkah holidays. So, you guys can enjoy Black Adam still in theaters and certainly enjoy the Man in Black at home.”

Black Adam finds its way to digital platforms
Black Adam finds his way onto the digital platforms

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It is clear that The Rock is intent on the film finding a box-office success that would then allow the franchise to expand on Black Adam’s story and the movie’s new characters. Johnson has already envisioned a Black Adam and Superman battle in the near future and implied as much with the film’s mid-credits scene. However, considering how James Gunn shut down all rumors surrounding a Man of Steel 2, it looks like the DCU will have to wait before Black Adam can find his way back to the screens anytime soon.

Black Adam is currently available for streaming on Amazon, Vudu, and Apple TV.

Source: Twitter | The Rock

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