“We travel around”: James Cameron Wants To Take Us to the “Mountains, Polar Regions, and Deserts” of Pandora for Next Avatar Movies

"We travel around": James Cameron Wants To Take Us to the "Mountains, Polar Regions, and Deserts" of Pandora for Next Avatar Movies
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When the first film was released in theatres, no one could’ve expected the sheer scale at which the world of Pandora would surprise the audience. The world that James Cameron created in Avatar was simply breathtaking with just the vastness of this world filled with undiscovered creatures, unexplored terrains, and mystical fauna that mesmerized everyone that had experienced the film in the cinema.

The VFX of Avatar (2009) by James Cameron was praised by many.
The VFX of Avatar by James Cameron was praised by many.

Now, with the addition of Avatar: The Way Of Water, Cameron has yet again put the audiences in awe as the world of Pandora is further explored with Jake Sully and Neytiri traveling to the oceans of this world in order to find a place to call home.  With audiences ready to witness yet another unexplored side of the exosolar planet, the director has revealed that all that we see right now is just a small part of the bigger picture.

The World Of Avatar Still Has A Lot To Be Explored!

New images from James Cameron's Avatar: The Way of Water.
Images from James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water.

After director James Cameron took us on a journey to the moon of the Alpha Centauri system of stars in 2009’s Avatar, fans had been patiently waiting for the next part of the blockbuster for more than a decade, which has finally arrived. Avatar: The Way Of Water is the film where the director takes the audience on a journey to traverse a whole new side of Pandora where all the eyes can see are vast stretches of crystalline blue water, with a whole other world beneath it.


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After exploring the vast and gargantuan jungles of the planet, the next film brings us to the wetlands of the planet, where the latest film takes place, but Cameron has already confirmed that this is not the end of the film series. In an interview with AMC Theatres, the series director revealed that what we have seen thus far is just the tip of the iceberg, as the future films would also bring the audiences on a journey across the mountains, the polar regions, and the deserts of this planet of the star system. He said:

“So, eventually over time, we’ll see the mountains, we’ll see polar regions, we’ll see deserts, and the people who have adapted to that lifestyle and so on; different biomes, different cultures as we travel around, and some others we’ll be expecting.”

Considering as it was already stated that the whole ecosystem of the planet of Pandora resembled that of Earth, this is not a far-fetched revelation. In fact, this is more exciting news as this means we will meet more tribes native to these areas and explore all the possible dynamics and stories with them.


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What To Expect From The Future Of The Avatar Franchise?

James Cameron
Jake Sully with his family in Avatar: The Way Of Water

With the second installment of the film now topping box-office charts, it is more and more plausible that the third film would not take as long as the latest film did. In fact, it was reported earlier that Cameron has already finished filming the third film and is working on the story for the fourth and fifth films of the franchise. With such a positive response from critics and audiences alike, there is no doubt that new films in the franchise would let us explore more of Pandora with even more stories to be told.

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Avatar: The Way Of Water, now in cinemas

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