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“We tried desperately to get him”: Shazam 2 Star Zachary Levi Claims He Fought for Henry Cavill Before Dwayne Johnson, Reveals WB Forced ‘Headless Cameo’ to Sabotage Plans

“We tried desperately to get him”: Shazam 2 Star Zachary Levi Claims He Fought for Henry Cavill Before Dwayne Johnson, Reveals WB Forced ‘Headless Cameo’ to Sabotage Plans

Warner Bros is currently looking forward to restructuring its business and making some great quality films. But looks like even the speculated blockbusters didn’t live up to fans’ expectations. The audience had a lot of hopes for Shazam! Fury of Gods, as its first sequel did pretty well in the market.

But the recently released Shazam 2 failed miserably and the blame game thing on the internet for its failure has already begun. Zachary Levi,  who plays the role of the beloved titular superhero, recently shared some interesting information about his 2019 film. Henry Cavill’s Superman is another much-demanded hero in the DCEU. Well, looks like before Dwayne Johnson, even Zachary Levi tried to bring him in for a cameo in 2019’s Shazam!

No Henry Cavill’s Superman Cameo For Shazam!?

Henry Cavill as Superman
Henry Cavill as Superman

The first installment of Shazam! had a Superman cameo but it was a very silly one. The role wasn’t even played by Henry Cavill and was just a headless cameo of the red-caped superhero. It was also known that the cameo was done by none other than Shazam’s body double.

But this doesn’t mean they didn’t want Cavill’s cameo, as Zachary Levi had set the record straight on this topic. According to Levi, the team has always stood for fans and has wished to bring cameos that the fans liked onscreen. They also wanted Henry Cavill to play the cameo, but it wasn’t allowed to happen. That’s the reason they had to put a headless Superman in the 2019 film.

“We, for years, we have been doing everything we can to fight for you, the fans. Yes, even you fans that don’t like me. All of you fans who love Henry Cavill, we tried desprately to get Henry Cavill in the first movie. He wasn’t a headless Superman because we wanted him to be a headless Superman. We were thwarted. All of these hardworking people were thwarted. We were not allowed to have that happen, okay.”

Well, there is no doubt that Henry Cavill’s Superman cameo has the capability to make a theatre full of people scream with joy for his return.

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Black Adam’s Dwayne Johnson Held Responsible For Shazam 2’s Failure

Dwayne Johnson As Black Adam
Dwayne Johnson As Black Adam

Warner Bros plans for the DCEU are quite messy as of now. The studios is lacking to take responsibility for the failure of the film and someone else is getting blamed for it. Shazam! Fury of the Gods underperformed and scored a box office record of $30.1M (domestic), which is lower than the last film.

According to the news outlet The Wrap, it was known that Shazam 2 had a post-credit scene where the Justice Society recruited the archenemy of Black Adam. But Dwayne Johnson denied access to his character in the Levi-led sequel.

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Superman and Black Adam
Superman and Black Adam

The reports suggest that The Rock didn’t allow a Shazam cameo in his own film Black Adam as he wanted Henry Cavill’s Superman in the post-credit scene. Well, everyone loves Cavill’s Superman and has always wished for his return. Unfortunately, his return was canceled recently.

Previously, the second installment of Shazam! was given a release date of last year, but later on, the film was delayed. The change in release date happened twice and the film was finalized to be released on March 17th, 2023.

Shazam! Fury Of the Gods is now streaming in your nearest theatres.

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