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“We tried really hard”: Vin Diesel Left Jason Momoa Frustrated in Fast X After ‘Aquaman’ Star’s Shenanigans Failed Against Laser-Focused $225M Actor

vin diesel and jason momoa in fast x

We all know by now that Vin Diesel holds the Fast & Furious franchise in high regard, no matter how many memes people make out of it. Including the recently released Fast X, the franchise stands tall with a total of ten movies to its name. And this does not include the spin-offs! While some may believe that the actors should be over it by now, that is certainly not the case, especially for Vin Diesel.

Vin Diesel
Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel does not believe in messing around when it comes to the franchise which is why he plays the character with his sincerest seriousness. However, not everyone in the ensemble resonates with Vin Diesel’s approach (Read: Dwayne Johnson). Just like Dwayne Johnson, the new addition to the franchise, Jason Momoa, also loved having fun on the set. He made it his mission to get Vin Diesel to laugh through improv but the actor is way too much of a professional to do that!

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Jason Momoa Tried to Get Vin Diesel to Laugh on Fast X

Jason Momoa and Louis Leterrier
Jason Momoa and Louis Leterrier

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In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Fast X director, Louis Leterrier, recalled how he and Jason Momoa came together to try and get Vin Diesel to break character. He stated that he and Momoa would constantly make each other laugh and even tried their tricks on Diesel.

“[Jason Momoa and I] found each other on this movie, and we realized that making each other laugh was a great way to create Dante. So we rewrote the dialogue together. I’d say, ‘You should say enchanté,’ and then we would add ‘Very bad daddy.’ So we really liked making each other laugh, and the extra points, the joker of our game, was to get Vin to crack up and come out of character as Dom Toretto.”

However, Diesel has been doing this for far too long, almost to a point where you can’t say where he ends and Dom starts. Therefore, Momoa and Leterrier’s efforts were in vain. The director stated Diesel was so focused that he would not break character till the scene wasn’t complete.

“We tried really hard. Like when Dante calls Dom ‘b*tthole,’ but Vin is so focused when he is on set that it was impossible. And when we would call cut, Vin would be like, ‘Oh, you guys tried really hard!’ So we were like kids on set, and it was absolute fun.”

Well, it is a good thing Momoa is returning for the next film in the franchise, so he can continue his quest to make Diesel break character at least once during the entire shoot.

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Jason Momoa Talks about Working with Vin Diesel

Jason Momoa and Vin Diesel
Jason Momoa and Vin Diesel

During a conversation with Pinkvilla, Momoa was asked about what it was like collaborating with Diesel in Fast X. He answered saying that his co-star was very supportive and fun to be around. Momoa also added that he was in awe of how effortlessly the actor could switch from real to reel in a split second.

“Vin was always very supportive. He is to the character of Dom what Stallone was to Rocky. He’s just wonderful and so fun to be around, but the moment they yell, ‘Action!,’ he switches into Dom and you’re like, ‘Wow!’ Then the voice and the cadence hits and he is in character. Vin had the responsibility of this franchise for over 20 years. It’s impressive and something that’s so cool to be a part of.

It’s heartwarming how dedicated Diesel is to his character and the franchise. We cannot wait to see how Dom’s story unfolds further and maybe we might get to hear some more hilarious stories from the Fast & Furious set in the future.

Fast X is currently in theatres.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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