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“We were homeless for a month due to homophobic parents”: Jackie Chan’s Estranged Daughter Doesn’t Want to Reunite With Her Mother Elaine Ng

Jackie Chan’s Estranged Daughter Doesn’t Want to Reunite With Her Mother Elaine Ng

Holidays are an opportunity to take a break from the daily hustle and bustle of work and everyday life by connecting with our loved ones who live far away and have busy schedules. People often meet their family during the holiday season for relaxation, and enjoyment, and to make memories together.

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Jackie Chan and Elaine Ng

However, Etta Ng, the daughter of the renowned action star Jackie Chan has rejected to meet her mother, Elaine Ng for Chinese New Year. This was not the first time when the mother and daughter has spoken ill of each other in public. Needless to say, they do not have a warm relationship and it all started when Etta Ng married Andi Autumn in 2018.

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What did Etta Ng Say About Elaine Ng?

Etta Ng told Oriental Daily that she will not be having a reunion with her mother and she did not go home for Chinese New Year to meet her.

“I’d rather be homeless and eat stale bread than go home and reunite with my mother.”

Etta Ng is the love child of Jackie Chan and former beauty queen girlfriend Elaine Ng. The dispute between daughter and mother began in 2018 when Etta Ng made headlines when she came out as lesbian and she uploaded pictures of herself and Andi Autumn, her girlfriend who is reportedly 12 years older than her.

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Andi Autumn and Etta Ng

The couple moved to Canada after their announcement and later stated in a YouTube video in April that they had been homeless because Autumn’s friend is no longer able to provide them housing and none of the government facilities care about it, and they can’t go home due to “homophobic parents.”

“I don’t even understand what’s happening because we have gone to the police, we have gone to the hospital, the foodbanks, the LGBTQ communities, shelters and all of them just don’t give a s**t. We’ve been homeless for a month due to homophobic parents. We pretty much slept under a bridge and other things.”

The situation worsened for the rebellious couple, and Etta Ng was seen queueing for free food in Toronto which made netizens believe that her living condition was contrasting in comparison to her mother’s.

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Elaine Ng is disappointed at her lovechild with Jackie Chan

The long-running dispute between the former beauty queen and Jackie Chan’s daughter was never ending and in a post, Elaine Ng stated that she is utterly disappointed in her daughter, and she went as far as saying “I’ve never given birth to this child” and that “this daughter is not mine”. In spite of being disappointed in her daughter, she did not discard her and advised her not to “do bad things” and to engage in activities that bring her “happiness.” 

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Etta Ng and Elaine Ng

Etta Ng believes her mother is overreacting and she should seek medical help to calm down. But some people believe her attitude is understandable because the former beauty queen has often lost patience with her rebellious daughter. After Etta Ng and Andi Autumn relocated to a hostel in Mong Kok in Hong Kong, the owner had to call the police when she could not settle the bill and went to The Mad Phoenix actress to help them.

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Etta Ng and Andi Autumn announce their marriage

Etta Ng told Apple Daily, that she would not go to Jackie Chan for help. Moreover, in his autobiography, the action star did not mention anything about his daughter. However, he did mention his affair with Elaine Ng which made headlines in 1999.

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Source: Oriental Daily


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