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‘We were living on the edge of survival most of the time’: Henry Cavill Used To Get into Such Intense Fights With His Brothers His Mom Changed the Wallpaper Because ‘It’s easier to clean’

Henry Cavill The Graham Norton Show

You might think that the reason your favorite Superman is such a renowned action star is that he’s worked in a lot of such films. But it turns out that Henry Cavill had been into the likes of this particular genre right from his very childhood.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

Earlier this year, when Henry Cavill appeared on The Graham Norton Show, he briefly talked about his childhood life and how it was like growing up with four brothers. And his stories are definitely nothing short of funny and amusing.

Henry Cavill talks about what it was like, living with four brothers

In one of the episodes of The Graham Norton Show, besides stars like Tom Holland and Zendaya, the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice star Henry Cavill had also been a part of it.

The 39-year-old addressed his rather riotous childhood days upon being asked about the same by Graham Norton. “You’ve made yourself into, you know, a big action star. You do all this stuff now but it sounds you got an early start,” Norton said, “you grew up with these four brothers.”

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Henry Cavill and Tom Holland in The Graham Norton Show
Henry Cavill and Tom Holland in The Graham Norton Show

When the Enola Holmes star replied in the affirmative, Norton then remarked how the scuffle in Cavill’s house wasn’t like the usual “bit of a rough and tumble.” “Your house sounds more than that, it was intense,” exclaimed the host of the show.

To that, Cavill responded with a hilarious statement earning a fit of laughter from everyone. “I mean we were living on the edge of survival most of the time.”

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Henry Cavill shares an amusing story from his childhood

While reminiscing about his childhood days as the topic came out, Henry Cavill went on to share a rather funny story about him and his brothers with the audience.

“Some of you may have heard this before,” he pointed out. “My dad came home from work once upon a time, and he realized that the wallpaper had changed.” The actor mentioned how that sudden change had angered his father a little.

When his father questioned why said wallpaper had been changed “without any kind of discussion about it”, Cavill’s mother simply answered by saying how it was “easier to clean the blood off this wallpaper.”

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Henry Cavill FandomWire
Henry Cavill recalls a funny incident from his childhood

Norton along with the other stars burst into laughter as Cavill recollected how he often got involved in “a lot of rough time” with his brothers. The Witcher star observed how even when they had a rule of not punching each other’s face, there still ended up being blood splattering across the walls. “A lot of injuries can happen on stairs,” he laughed.

The host then pointed out to Holland saying how the Spider-Man: Homecoming star had grown up with brothers as well. “I mean, there was never blood,” Holland said to the remark.

Who would have thought young Cavill was such a troublemaker!

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