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“We were ready to blow the first three ones”: Daredevil Stunt Team Reveals They Had Created the Most Epic Hallway Fight For Season 4 Before Getting Canceled By Netflix


Charlie Cox will make his return as Daredevil to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Daredevil: Born Again, creating an entirely new era for what could await the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. As of now, the character has only made appearances in Spider-Man: No Way Home and She-Hulk: Attorney at Law having mere cameos and side roles. However, his upcoming show will be seeing the character once again take on the lead, while dealing with his former foe, Wilson Fisk.

Charlie Cox in Daredevil

One thing that had been appreciated a lot among all the factors involved was the action sequences. The scenes made the fans love the show even more and be amazed both by Cox’s acting and by the stunts that had been performed and directed.

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Daredevil Almost Outdid Itself With Its Spectacular Stunts

Season one of Daredevil had a mind-blowing scene where Matt, played by Charlie Cox, was seen fighting in a hallway. One single shot had an entire sequence of combat where he was wearing his stealth attire, fighting one goon after another, giving a stunning performance and an even better action scene. A callback to that was also seen in She-Hulk: Attorney At Law, which brought out the question of how many such scenes could exist.

daredevil fight 0
Charlie Cox in the hallway scene

Luckily, a Daredevil stunt double revealed that there had been a scene, by far leaps ahead of what the fans saw in the first season. It was meant to take place in the fourth season of the show before Netflix decided to cancel it.

“The stunt team and I created the most epic single-shot hallway fight in history. We were ready to absolutely blow the first three ‘oners’ away with this one. It was going to be an absolutely epic work of art. We designed the most creative texas switches, the most dynamic character-driven choreography, and the most innovative camera work any of us have ever imagined. I still have the blueprints, notes, and references. Hopefully, we get the chance to put it on screen someday.”

He stated how the scene had been crafted for there to be proper stunt doubles because fans would rather have actual combat as compared to CGI-driven overviews.

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Daredevil’s Action Might Not Disappoint Fans In Daredevil: Born Again

While Marvel always amazed us with epic battle sequences and even more mesmerizing one-to-one combat scenes, such as the one between Shang-Chi and Wenwu in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, no scene could ever manage to trump that of Matt fighting those goons in season one of Netflix’s Daredevil. With the character returning soon enough, there could be a high chance for fans to once again take into consideration that Marvel can be surprising the audience with twists and turns, some even consisting of one-shot fight scenes.

charlie cox as daredevil in daredevil season 1
Charlie Cox in Daredevil

Daredevil: Born Again would be the MCU’s phase 5 initiative to have another superhero take on villains and foes throughout, especially in Hell’s Kitchen. The characters would see multiple lawyers enter the game with Jennifer Walters and Matt Murdock joining the team.

Daredevil: Born Again would air on Disney+ in 2024.

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