“We were trying to be open-minded”: Rick and Morty Went to Extreme Lengths to Find the Perfect Voice Actors After Firing Justin Roiland from His Own Show

Rick and Morty craze continues, Zack Snyder once revealed he wanted to make a movie on it.

"We were trying to be open-minded": Rick and Morty Went to Extreme Lengths to Find the Perfect Voice Actors After Firing Justin Roiland from His Own Show


  • Rick and Morty producer spoke on finding the perfect voice actors for the show.
  • The producers didn't want the burden of voicing the two leads of the show on one person.
  • Renowned filmmaker Zack Snyder wanted to make a movie on Rick and Morty.
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Rick and Morty stands out as a highly popular animated TV series conceived by the creative minds of Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland. It offers a distinctive fusion of science fiction, humor, and dark satire, centering on the exploits of the peculiar, alcoholic scientist, Rick Sanchez, and his socially awkward grandson, Morty Smith. However, choosing the voice actors was a long process.

rick and morty season 7 episode 1
Rick and Morty

Together, they embark on escapades that span across dimensions, venturing into surreal realms and grappling with intricate moral quandaries. The show is renowned for its clever humor, thought-provoking themes, and unapologetically outrageous comedic style. Rick and Morty has earned a devoted fan base and critical praise for seamlessly interweaving astute storytelling with irreverent, at times, vulgar humor.

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How Did Scott Marder Find The Perfect Voice Actors?

Producer Scott Marder explained that various perspectives were considered regarding this matter. When evaluating the overall quality of life, it appeared more equitable in terms of the workload for both characters. Over time, they observed the toll it took on Roiland’s voice, and it felt unjust to place such a burden on one person.

Marder told THR:

“There were different schools of thought. For sheer quality of life, it’d be easier for the amount of work required for both characters. We watched it over the years wear down on Roiland’s voice. It felt unfair to do that to someone.”

Rick and Morty
Rick and Morty was co-created by Justin Roiland

Scott Marder described the extensive selection process, where they sifted through thousands of potential candidates to eventually narrow it down to hundreds who made it to their consideration. Their search spanned far and wide, with a willingness to go to great lengths, even considering the challenges of significant time differences, to find the ideal Morty. The team maintained an open-minded approach throughout the search.


Marder added:

“Thousands came through that got whittled down to hundreds who made it to us. We looked far and wide. If the perfect Morty lived in Norway, we were going to figure out how to work with the horrible time gap. We were trying to be open minded.”

Scott Marder discussed the unique challenge faced by Dan Harmon and himself. They found themselves crafting material for a season that was several iterations ahead of the current one. This situation meant that the show’s essence and tone couldn’t undergo a sudden transformation. Consequently, they maintained a consistent approach, ensuring that the show retained its familiar quality and voice throughout the writing process.

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Zack Synder Wanted To Make A Rick And Morty Movie

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Dan Harmon, the creative mind behind Rick and Morty, addressed the topic of a potential Rick and Morty movie. Initially, Harmon playfully hinted at the notion of creating a director’s cut, akin to a Snyder-cut version of the film. In a tongue-in-cheek manner, he even proposed the idea of a six-hour movie, with half of it presented in black and white. 

Zack Snyder
Zack Snyder

Harmon told THR:

“So, the Rick and Morty movie is coming as soon as Zack Snyder gets back from his vacation because I want to start with a Snyder cut of that movie and then I want to do the director’s cut of a Snyder cut release, so we can just have a six-hour Rick and Morty movie and three hours of it is in black and white.”

Harmon swiftly made it clear that his jest had been prompted by Zack Snyder’s genuine enthusiasm for the prospect of a Rick and Morty movie. 


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