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“We were using each other”: Heath Ledger Helped To Calm Down The Dark Knight Co-star After Terrifying Him in the Iconic Gotham Hospital Scene

Heath Ledger Helped To Calm Down The Dark Knight Co-star After Terrifying Him in the Iconic Gotham Hospital Scene

Heath Ledger’s unforgettable performance in The Dark Knight left movie-goers at the time speechless. Not only did he excel in his embodiment, but he understood the complicated DC character’s essence. Besides his mind-blowing execution, which earned him a posthumous Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, the Hollywood phenomenon was admired for how he impacted his co-stars.

Heath Ledger
How Heath Ledger’s acting skills helped calm fellow co-star

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On several occasions, co-stars Christian Bale and Aaron Eckhart have vouched for Ledger’s talent. Eckhart, who felt rather tensed about his scene with the 10 Things I Hate About You star, was particularly amazed by the organic on-screen chemistry he was able to create with the assistance of the latter.

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Aaron Eckhart Felt At Ease Working Alongside Heath Ledger

Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent/Two-Face
Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent/Two-Face

Appearing on Larry King’s chat show, Aaron Eckhart revealed the magical experience of working alongside the legendary Heath Ledger. Recollecting an instance during the shoot, the Two-Face actor shed light on how the iconic hospital scene in The Dark Knight (2008) came to be. Eckhart was rather tense. He didn’t know what to do since his character didn’t have any lines. Therefore, the performance depended solely on authentic improvisation and reactions.

Eckhart remembered lying on the hospital bed. Soon, Ledger would come in. According to the London Has Fallen star, the latter was always “in character.” Before the cameras started rolling, Ledger was pacing around the room, deeply immersed in the role of the Joker. When the Brokeback Mountain alum started reciting his lines, Aaron Eckhart was able to get into the rhythm of things. The two actors could then create an environment that was conducive to their capabilities. 

The acclaimed hospital scene from The Dark Knight (2008)
The acclaimed hospital scene from The Dark Knight (2008)

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Following was Eckhart’s statement:

“We just went through this organic process of developing the scene. And then, when came the time to shoot, we had this thing beautifully choreographed. […] It was a long day, and we walked out into our trailers. Heath was here, and I was walking. He puts his hand on my shoulder and goes, ‘That is what acting is all about.'”

In another interview with Huff Post, Aaron Eckhart shared the same anecdote and stated the following:

“It was a nice moment as actors because it was very organic, it was natural. We were working together, we were using each other and the scene’s effective.”

This wasn’t the only time Heath Ledger would leave a co-star impressed with his ability to portray a character so magnificently. The lead star of the Christopher Nolan-helmed Batman trilogy, Christian Bale, would feel the same. At times, he also feared that Ledger’s transcendental, one-of-a-kind performance would overshadow his role in the film.

Christian Bale Felt Dull In Comparison To Heath Ledger

Christian Bale
Christian Bale’s experience of working with Heath Ledger

In a GQ video where Bale sat down to discuss the iconic on-screen characters he has played throughout his career, the American Psycho star reminisced the times he shared with Heath Ledger while working on The Dark Knight. The actor was grateful for having had the opportunity to collaborate with the exceptional talent. However, his appreciation wasn’t devoid of concern. After all, the trilogy was centered around Batman. But Heath Ledger’s show-stopping, scene-stealing charisma made Christian Bale feel somewhat dull in contrast.

Following was what the 49-year-old actor had to say on the matter:

“Heath Ledger, oh my God, what a performance. What a pleasure to have gotten to work with him, and just to see him and how much he put himself into the Joker. And I was watching him going, ‘Yeah, this is absolutely fantastic. Are we in trouble here?'”

Christian Bale was in awe of Heath Ledger's performance
Christian Bale was in awe of Heath Ledger’s performance

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He further continued:

“When Chris [Nolan] and I first sat down, we said, the problem with Batman is that the villains are always more interesting, right? And so Batman, he’s very close to being a villain himself. So, let’s never let him become dull by comparison, and unfortunately, I was sitting there going, ‘I feel a little bit dull by comparison because Heath is just killing this.'”

Despite his initial concerns, Bale, too, proved victorious in his attempts to offer audiences an iconic iteration of Batman. Concluding his statement, the actor stated that it was a pleasure to have worked with Heath Ledger and that he “misses him greatly.”

The rest of the world echoes Christian Bale’s sentiments. The absence of Heath Ledger is felt deeply. However, it is comforting to know that his legacy will live on in the hearts of those who were fortunate enough to witness his skill.

The Dark Knight (2008) is available for streaming on Netflix and Max.

Source: GQ / Larry King

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