“We will lean into whatever he wants to do”: WB Signs New Contract With Matt Reeves To Expand Robert Pattinson’s The Batman Universe, Co-CEO Says He’s The Best Filmmaker in the Studio Currently

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One of the most lucrative properties for DC Comics and Warner Bros., Batman has endured as a box office magnet, with a few exceptions. In the latest installment, Robert Pattinson portrayed the caped crusader in Matt Reeves’ The Batman.

Matt Reeves' The Batman
Robert Pattinson as Batman in the 2022 movie.

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Even though many fans considered Christian Bale’s performance as Batman in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy to be the definitive one, Robert Pattinson wasn’t far behind. The film was praised for a realistic portrayal of the toll that being Batman takes on Bruce Wayne.


Batman survived the WB reset

Since the failure of Zack Snyder’s DCEU, Warner Bros have been in damage control – canceling, and greenlighting projects. This situation was worsened by the addition of David Zaslav into Warner Bros, as not only did he shelf the completely shot Batgirl movie, Scoob! 2 was canceled too.

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The cancellation of Batgirl came as a shock to everyone, including its creators.

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Before Toby Emmerich was replaced by David Zaslav, he had confirmed the sequel to The Batman at CinemaCon 2022. But since his departure and David Zaslav’s flashy entrance, fans were concerned The Batman 2 might get axed too.

Matt Reeves Joins the WB family

In good news for DC and Batman fans, Matt Reeves and his production company, 6th & Idaho were confirmed to have signed a deal with Warners Bros. in an exclusive report. With this reveal, we can more or less assume that the sequel for The Batman is coming.

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Colin Farrell
Fans praised Colin Farrell’s transformation as the Penguin, as they couldn’t recognize him at first glance.

Along with the sequel, Matt Reeves is also working on spin-offs of the successful movie including the HBO Max series The Penguin, and the Arkham Asylum series. Warner Bros Pictures Group co-CEO Michael De Luca commented on the new partnership:

“He has an open invitation to go wherever his interests take him. We’ll lean into whatever Matt wants to do… Keeping Matt and creating a home for him to do more projects in the Batman universe but also originals, was very important to us.”

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The director-writer also commented on the tie-up, stating that he will be working on projects on the big and small, hinting towards more Batman content.


Source: Deadline


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