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Weakest Female Superheroes, Ranked

Weakest Female Superheroes Ranked

Everyone likes superheroes but not every superhero is worth the hype. Here are the five weakest female superheroes.

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl
Source: Wikipedia

Squirrel Girl

Squirrel girl is the most overrated character in recent years. She is morally strong but not physically strong enough. She never defeats an abstract entity through violence. Squirrel girl has her one feat of never losing so even if she fights someone with greater abilities and power she will automatically win because that’s how it’s meant to be. People often say that she is just a gag character in marvel comics.

shehulk001cov bartel
Source: Marvel


Jennifer Walters got her powers from a blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce Banner. She felt herself grow and she transformed into a heroine known as she-hulk. She can’t get enraged like the male counterpart of her character because she didn’t get the full blood transfusion. If she gets into a fight with the Hulk she will be on the ground, beaten up to a pulp.

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If you think that rogue is the most powerful superhero then you are wrong. Her power is to control the power of other mutants. However, when she tried her power against the silver surfer, she was painfully knocked out by his power cosmic.

image 15671350
Source: Disney Movies

Black Widow

The MCU version of the Black Widow is just a regular human being and she doesn’t have superhuman ability or strength. However, she is a highly trained spy and has high resistance to mental and physical torture. She still gets affected by things that hurt normal human beings. Even after not having superpowers she took down alien armies and helped the avengers. She had limited powers but used them impressively.

margot robbie
Source: WB Pictures

Harley Quinn

If we compare her to other super-humans then we can say she is not that strong. Her strength, intellect, agility, and immunity to toxins got improved by poison Ivy. Harley is very smart. She can analyze people very easily and get inside their heads because she had a Ph.D. in psychology.

Written by Ramya Khera