“We’d be in deep trouble”: Real Scientist Unravels Just What Would Happen if Dragon Ball’s Piccolo were to Destroy the Moon

Real Scientist Unravels Just What Would Happen if Dragon Ball’s Piccolo were to Destroy the Moon
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The Dragon Ball franchise is one of the largest and most loved anime franchises. The Super Saiyan transformation against Frieza still gives everyone chills. Goku and Vegeta are considered to be iconic characters, and every powerful main character is compared to them. Even after such praise, few aspects of the Dragon Ball franchise are too hard to believe.


One of the most bizarre things that Dragon Ball has shown the fans is the destruction of the moon. People can hardly fathom how such an event took place. But truth be told, people enjoyed it when it happened. After so many years, fans finally got a scientific reason as to why the moon’s destruction is a bizarre event and how it could affect us.

Destruction Of The Moon Could Be Fatal To The Earth

The characters from the Dragon Ball universe
Dragon Ball

Kentaro Terada is the Graduate School Professor at Osaka University. The Dragon Ball Official Site approached him to answer how the moon’s destruction would affect us. Kentaro Terada answered, “I think it would be very difficult to destroy the Moon. Let me try to explain it using some research into the destruction of asteroids as an example.”


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He continued,

“It is theorized that a long time ago, an asteroid that collided with the Earth caused the dinosaurs to go extinct. According to calculations, this happens about once every 100 million years. As it’s been about 66 million years since the last collision, it wouldn’t be surprising if another collision were to happen soon. If that happens again, we’d be in deep trouble.”

Goku Transforms Into An Oozaru
Goku Transforms Into An Oozaru

The scientist also said that without the moon, there would be no tides. There would be altercations of temperature. Hot places will become cold, like the North Pole, while cold places will become hot, like the Equator. The breaking of the moon will form meteorites, which will fall on Earth and destroy it. The moon has a diameter of 3,400 km. So, even if a 10 km portion of the moon is to fall upon the Earth, it will be the end of all the living species.


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How Many Times Have The Moon Been Destroyed In Dragon Ball?

The moon has been destroyed twice in the Dragon Ball franchise. The first one happened in the Dragon Ball anime when Master Roshi destroyed it. He was forced to destroy it to stop the rampage of Goku. The full moon caused Goku to transform into an Oozaru. He was on a path of destruction. To save everyone and Goku, he destroyed the moon, which stopped the rampage and caused Goku to return to his original form.

Piccolo Destroys The Moon
Piccolo Destroys The Moon

The moon was later restored with the help of the dragon balls. But it had to be destroyed again in Dragon Ball Z when Gohan transformed into an Oozaru and went on a rampage just like his father. It all looks good as long it is an anime. The thought of the moon getting destroyed is too much to handle.


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Source: Dragon Ball Official Site

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