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Wednesday Star Jenna Ortega Was “Hysterically Crying” Because of Netflix: “I didn’t get any sleep. Pulled my hair out”

Wednesday Star Jenna Ortega Was “Hysterically Crying” Because of Netflix: “I didn’t get any sleep. Pulled my hair out”

Wednesday, the Netflix Original is one of the most-watched series, and Jenna Ortega’s contribution to the series was amazing. The fans as well as critics loved her acting and perfectly she played her role. But filming the series was not easy as the superhit series had a number of requirements that left Jenna Ortega in tears. 

Jenna Ortega revealed her horrifying schedule which revealed the distressing details about her shooting schedule as well as day to day routine that made her cry frantically.

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Jenna Ortega

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What was Jenna Ortega’s Insane Schedule for Wednesday?

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Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Adams

In an interview with Variety, Jenna Ortega talked about the stress she underwent when she was shooting for the Netflix Original Wednesday, and the insane schedule often made her teary-eyed. Jenna Ortega revealed that aside from the filming she had to take German classes, take canoeing lessons as well as learn to play the Cello. She revealed how she didn’t sleep on certain occasions, and at times she felt so frustrated she would pull her hair out, and hysterically cry. Here’s what Jenna Ortega said in the interview with Variety:

“It was show up to set two hours early, do that 12-14 hour day, then go home and then get on a Zoom and have whatever lesson that I had. Or show up to my apartment, my cello teacher was already waiting for me. It was just constantly going, and if you could on a weekend, if we weren’t shooting the sixth day that week, it was ‘All right, well then, we’ll get your lessons in on that day.’ I did not get any sleep. I pulled my hair out. There’s so many FaceTime calls that my dad answered of me hysterically crying.”

Looking at Jenna Ortega’s chaotic schedule where she had to shoot for the episodes and take lessons for the perfection of her role, it is right to say that greatness comes at a cost, and it is something that everyone can not pay.

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What can we Expect in the Second Season of Wednesday?

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A still from Wednesday

Wednesday was a massive hit and the eight-episode series was the most-watched English series that had a view time of over 340 million hours viewed on the OTT platform in the first week, and within 28 days it racked up over 1.2 billion hours watch time. Jenna Ortega revealed that she has no clue about the plot of the second season for Wednesday nor she has any idea when the production will start. The actress believes that the writing team would come up with “something fresh.” Jenna Ortega said she would rather it focus less on love triangles, which “was a weird thing to justify,” and instead “just focus on her and her experiences.

Moreover, Al Gough and Miles Millar teased the fans about the potential storyline for the second season of the show and they said they would focus more on Wednesday Addams’ development as a character and her friendship with Enid Sinclair. Here’s what the co-creators said: 

The series is really about a girl who sees the world in black and white, and learning there are shades of gray,” Gough said. “I think like any relationship or any friendship, it can get complicated by other factors. It’s never going to be smooth sailing. And it’s really her learning to navigate the ups and downs of friendship.”

It would be exciting to see what will be the plot of the second season, but the fans of the series are delighted that they will see more of this supernatural series.

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The 2nd season doesn’t have a release date yet, but you can stream the 1st season of Wednesday on Netflix.

Source: Variety


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