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Weird Facts In Our Favorite Disney Movies

This has happened to plenty of people when watching movies that feature a weird or strange occurrence that they blindly accept. Solely because the plot says so, and there’s a studio that famous when it comes to odd choices. That’s Disney ladies and gentlemen! Let’s take a look at weird things that occurred in some of our favorite Disney movies – we either turned a blind eye to or didn’t notice.

1.) Sibling Bonding
Simba and Nala

Interesting animal kingdom fact; lions are the only big cats in the wild move in a unit. A lion pride consists of as many as 40 lions. The average pride will consist of all females (lionesses) and one male that’ll mate with all the females while leading his pride. Sometimes the pride will consist of males but are beneath the head-male and females. With that being said, Mufasa is clearly the head honcho of his pride (family), Scar is the lesser male, and Scar has no cubs of his own which were mentioned in Lion King 2. Simba is Mufasa’s son, Nala’s father is Mufasa because he is the leader and the only male leading that pride. Which makes Simba and Nala siblings. They’re also lovers that end up having their cub Kiara in Lion King 2. In the end, audiences are treated to royal incest love. Meh, sounds like real-life royalty.

2.) Fish Are Friends. Not Food.
Bruce The Shark

As strange and hilarious it was to see a trio of sharks making a stance to no longer consume their fellow fish brethren. There was something stranger that audiences overlooked, maybe not strange/weird but dark. See, Bruce is finished with eating fish and at first, it does seem funny because as children thinking he’ll just eat seaweed. Then Shark Week reminds people how ferocious Great Whites are. Sharks love to devour seals and other mammals. Nemo is safe from Bruce’s gang but Gearld, Fluke, and Rudder the sea lions… Swim!

3.) What Are You?!

The million-dollar question, what in the world are cars in the Cars universe, and who created them in the first place? The cars have the body of any real vehicle but they possess human eyes, teeth, and mannerisms. It’s the most mind-boggling thing in a family film. It’s weird and makes some people uncomfortable. Disney needs to give up some answers, ASAP.

4.) Beauty and the Chan
beauty and the chan

The majority of the time American audiences tend to live in a bubble and forget that Disney is an international powerhouse that reaches across the globe. One of the places is China and with China comes some serious star power. In the Chinese translation of Beauty and the Beast (1991), Jackie Chan provides the voice acting and singing for the adaptation! Click here to see if you don’t believe me. Fun fact; Jackie Chan is not only a badass stuntman/martial artist/actor but he is a classically trained opera singer.

5.) Awkward Love Story

It has been 26 years since the release of Pocahontas (1995) and people to this day are trying to get their hands on whatever they were smoking during the board meeting in order to have this movie greenlit. It is often forgotten by the masses that as gorgeous-looking as the movie is, it’s incredibly uncomfortable. Pocahontas was not an adult that fell in love with a dashing blonde, blue-eyed Aryan man. In reality, she was a child and Captain John Smith was a chubby middle-aged man. This is a headscratcher situation on what compelled them to create an incredibly touchy subject, then turn it into a Romeo & Juliet tale in the New World.

6.) Health Inspection

Spoiler alert. At the end of Ratatouille (2007) Remy and Linguini open up their own successful restaurant in Paris called “Ratatouille”. It’s cute, optimistic, and heartwarming to see our main characters triumph. Still, that’s a freakin’ rat from the streets touching all that food no matter how great that food looks, smells, and tastes. That’s a rat that walks constantly on its feet and carries over 30 diseases that’s harmful to human beings cooking/touching food. Yet, customers and food critics are having a blast devouring rat turds. This has to be one of the most overlooked facts in a Disney movie that fans just blindly accept. Great movie, but no Master Splinter in my soup.