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10 Weirdest Creatures of Avatar: The Last Airbender – Ranked!

Avatar The Last Airbender is mainly known for its elemental bending. But the world of Avatar is also known for its fantastical world building. Within this world live a wide variety of fauna, some of them are just too weird and cute for out tastes.

Elephant Mandrill

The Elephant Mandrill is found only in the Earth Kingdom. It is a hybridized creature with the body of an elephant, and the colorful body of mandrill and baboon. All its body except its legs are covered in brown fur. The Elephant Mandrill was first encountered in the Ba Sing Se Zoo. While it loves to be left alone, it adores company to some extent. When agitated, it exhibits the behavior of a raging elephant or rhino, attacking anyone in sight.

Koala Sheep

The Koala Sheep are a cross between a sheep’s body and a Koala’s head. They are mostly seen in Fire Nation. The species is so friendly and unafraid of humans that they will let them use their bodies as pillows in the night. The Koala Sheep

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Turtle Duck

Turtle Ducks are one of the few creatures of Avatar that can be found in almost every part of the world. With an affinity for warm temperate weather, most of them populate the Fire Nation. Fire Nation has a long history with Turtle Ducks. In ancient times, a large Turtle Duck pond was the prime attraction of the Fire Nation Palace. Turtle ducks remain docile and seldom become aggressive. They only get violent when one of their off-springs is in danger.

Platypus Bear

The Earth Kingdom has the greatest variety of Fauna in the Avatar Universe by virtue of their enormous landmass. The platypus Bear, one of the many weird wild animals of the Avatar Universe, lives mainly near river banks of the Earth Kingdom. A cross between a Platypus and a Bear, Platypus Bears are violent animals that can rip open a man if cornered and also tend to lay eggs when frightened. It can stand upright and its Platypus like tail allows it to swim. Platypus Bears are also used as security measures by Earth Kingdom forces. They are used mainly in circus shows and for personal amusement.

Hog Monkey

Hog Monkeys are huge primates that inhabit the Earth Kingdom. They roam the streets of Earth Kingdom and are considered to be a nuisance. Not easily tamed, Hog Monkeys can only be trapped if they are lured with lychee nuts. The Hog Monkeys always travel in pack and like real world monkey packs, they always create trouble for human beings. They have the body of a monkey and the snout of a pig with reddish eyes. Avatar Aang claims Hog Monkeys are almost impossible to tame and ride but it is the resistance they offer that make the ride even more enjoyable.

Eel Hound

The Eel Hound is a beast of burden used primarily for dual modes of transportation over land and water. Eel hounds can grow as long as 25-30 feet from head to tail. They can run and swim extremely fast. They are mostly green in color with a lighter green shade over their belly. The ell hounds are extremely violent, making to wild mustangs. There have been very few people that have managed to tame an Eel Hound. Once under control, an Eel Hound will do anything for its master. It could even run for days if need be. Piandao of the Order of the White Lootus claims that Eel Hounds are the fastest creatures in the Avatar Universe.

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Ostrich Horse

The Ostrich Horse is used extensively by the Earth Kingdom in The last Airbender series. It was so good as a burden animal that even the Fire Nation and the United Republic of Nations in The legend of Korra used it to carry men and material. Ostrich Horses are powerful creatures that can also be armored and turned into beasts of war. Earth Kingdom soldiers used Ostrich Horses for escorting royal members of the court as well as noble lords of Ba Sing Se. Ostrich Horses, as the name suggest, shows anatomical characteristics of a Horse and an Ostrich. They have a head of a horse joined with the body of a fully grown Ostrich in the show. Ostrich Horses are generally docile creatures but wild isolated ones can attack innocent bystanders.


Tigerdillos are a cross between an armadillo and a tiger. They have plates on their back reminiscent of an armadillo. The dorsal part of the creature is covered in thick bushy white fur. It has a prehensile tail and looks almost like a tiger if you overlook the scales on its back. When threatened or agitated, a tigerdillo curls up into a ball and rolls away, just like a normal armadillo of the real world. The Tigerdillos are known to possess a bipolar trait of counter-aggression. Their behavior is a paradox. They will run straight towards a target, making it loo like they are on the offensive. The moment they see that their target is not scared, they will curl up and try to escape.


Catgators are about seven to eight feet tall from snout to tail. The Catgator moves with its stomach clinging to the ground. Its snot has thick whiskers like a cat fish,s. Its back is covered in scales. Catgators are known to be carnivorous and populate swampy areas. They are hostile in nature. While they appear to be very violent, they actually can be domesticated with proper love and attention. The Foggy Swamp Tribe domesticated many Catgators, the most famous ones being Slim and Derby. In The Legend of Korra series, a humongous catgator swallowed Avatar Korra and Jinora alive.

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Buzzard Wasp

Buzzard Wasps are dangerous creatures that are found in the Si Wong desert. This chimerical creature is a cross between a wasp and a turkey vulture. Buzzard Wasps live in hive colonies and do not take well to trespassers. Buzzard Wasps have razor sharp talons and beaks that can tear through wood and metal very easily. Considering Turkey Vultures are scavenger birds, we could also assume that Buzzard Wasps share a similar trait. Avatar Aang and his team encountered Buzzard Wasps after Appa strayed into a hive of them in search for food.

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