“We’re also going to drop a bomb”: Stranger Things Star David Harbour Reveals Thunderbolts Will Be a Game Changer For the MCU as Black Panther 2 Sets Up Storyline For Upcoming Movie

“We’re also going to drop a bomb”: Stranger Things Star David Harbour Reveals Thunderbolts Will Be a Game Changer For the MCU as Black Panther 2 Sets Up Storyline For Upcoming Movie
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Marvel Studios is reportedly planning something big for their upcoming team-up venture titled Thunderbolts. Popularly known as Marvel’s reply to DC’s Suicide Squad, the team features a group of reformed villains and antiheroes who are used by the Government to tackle various threats. As they are officially set to make their MCU debut, David Harbour, the Red Guardian actor claimed that the movie will hold a great surprise for the fans.

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The logo for Thunderbolts

The MCU has been setting up the Thunderbolts for quite some time. The popular team from the Marvel comics is to be led by Valentina Allegra de Fontaine in the MCU. The statement of the Stranger Things actor came around the same time when we got a major connection of it with the recently released Black Panther 2. 

David Harbour points to a great surprise in Thunderbolts

The Stranger Things actor was introduced in the MCU through the 2021 movie Black Widow. He played the role of Red Guardian aka Alexei Shostakov and is going to be a major part of the upcoming team-up movie.

Red Guardian Thunderbolts
David Harbour as Red Guardian

According to David Harbour, the upcoming movie is going to be a complete package of entertainment and even has a “huge bomb” in it which will take the audience by surprise.

“It’ll be funny. it’ll be weird, it’ll be action. And then we’re also going to drop a bomb, which is cool.”

The project still being in its very early stages makes it too difficult to guess about the surprise for us. But the latest Black Panther 2 presents an unexpected cameo regarding the Thunderbolts which hints at something big brewing in the studio.

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The rest of the article contains spoilers about Black Panther 2!

How does Black Panther 2 set up Thunderbolts?

Black Panther 2 connection with Thunderbolts
Valentina is shown to be the new director of the CIA and the ex-wife of Everett Ross

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Valentina or Val is being there in the MCU since The Falcon and The Winter Soldier series. She had several cameos following the series which hinted that she can be some influential villain in the world of the MCU. But the concluding movie of Phase 4 points to a change in the narrative. Black Panther 2 showed Val as the new Director of the CIA under whom Martin Freeman’s Everett Ross was operating.


This points to an interesting take on the story as she can be shown to have infiltrated the US  Government very similar to what we have seen in Captain America: The Winter Soldier with Robert Redford’s character. Interestingly, during her conversation with her former husband Everett Ross, she also claimed that she wants the US to take over all the Vibranium and use them.

The current expected lineup of Thunderbolts

Many rumors conclude that this can be a major setup for the Thunderbolts. One of the most trusted sources DanielRPK reported that the team of Yelena Belova, Bucky Barnes, Red Guardian, and the others will attack Wakanda in the team-up movie. But still, everything is in a speculation phase until we receive more details about the movie which is set to release in 2024.

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Apart from Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ de Fontaine, we will also spot Harrison Ford’s Thunderbolt Ross who is going to be introduced in Captain America: New World Order. Besides we also have Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes, Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova, Wyat Russell as U.S. Agent, Hannah John-Kamen’s Ghost, and Olga Kurylenko’s Taskmaster all returning. Seems that Thunderbolts is going to be an electrifying project to look forward to.

Thunderbolts is going to be released on July 26, 2024.

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