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“We’re in a good spot to keep making good stuff”: Zachary Levi Reveals Shazam Has a Great Future in the DCEU With Potential Face-off Against Black Adam After James Gunn Becoming DCU Head


The WB. Discovery is ready for the next few DC Extended Universe installments! The next Zachary Levi starrer Shazam! sequel, Shazam!: Fury of the Gods, has just begun production. The first Shazam! was a surprise hit for both Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment.


The DCEU has had its ups and downs over the years. Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and others have been widely praised, whilst Suicide Squad and Justice League have been widely panned. Both would be explored in the future with The Suicide Squad and Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

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Shazam actor, Zachary Levi, wants to face-off against Black Adam

Shazam! star Zachary Levi has expressed interest in fighting the Rock’s Black Adam in the DCEU, which raises the question of who would win. The latest DC film, Black Adam has shaken up the DCEU’s Superman-dominated power structure, but it’s his confrontation with Shazam that should draw the most attention.

Black Adam introduced the titular figure to the DCEU and altered “the DC Universe’s hierarchy of power.” At least, that’s what Dwayne Johnson kept promising audiences and it seems promising.

Shazam! FandomWire
The cast of Shazam! Fury of the Gods

Shazam! by David Sandberg actually teased Black Adam. When Billy Batson encounters the wizard Shazam on the Rock of Eternity, old Shazam shows Batson the wizards’ final champion, Black Adam, as he explains why Billy has been chosen. Shazam admits to Batson that the wizards made rash decisions and that their champion was consumed by vengeance. However, fans do not discover what happened to Black Adam, which was later revealed in the film.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Black Adam.
Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam.

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with the news of the resignation of Walter Hamada, the former CEO of DC, and the appointment of James Gunn and Peter Safran to head the DCU under Warner Bros. Discovery, Zachary Levi in a recent podcast said, “My producer, Peter Safran, and my friend, James Gunn, are now co-CEO and chairs of DC Entertainment…so I feel like we’re in a good spot with Shazam to keep making good stuff.”

In 2019, Warner Bros.’ more lighthearted yet emotionally evocative Shazam proved to be a surprise winner. The superhero’s first appearance in the film franchise provided both laughs and tears.

Black Adam vs Shazam. What to expect?

Black Adam was released this October and it had quite a positive reception. The Dwayne Johnson starrer anti-hero has also been set up to go on against Henry Cavill’s Superman. Black Adam, Shazam’s arch-nemesis, is also scheduled to fight each other in the future. As a result, a confrontation between Shazam and Black Adam would almost certainly be a nail-biter. Though this DCEU fight is unlikely to happen anytime soon, there is a real possibility that the two will square off in a future film.

Technically, Black Adam and Shazam are equal in terms of raw power and ability. After all, both heroes were given their abilities by the ancient magician Shazam. The gods from which the characters’ powers derive are the primary difference in the comics. While Shazam’s abilities are based on Greek and Roman gods, Black Adam’s are based on Egyptian gods.

Black Adam vs Superman and Shazam
Black Adam vs Superman and Shazam

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These abilities include stamina, strength, knowledge, speed, and the Zeus/Aton power. Despite the fact that their abilities are nearly identical, the Rock maintains that Black Adam will be the most powerful character in the DC Universe.

Zachary Levi may wish he hadn’t been so open about his desire to see Shazam confront Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam in a future DCEU film.

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