“Weren’t you supposed to be ‘rearranging the hierarchy’ or something?”: MultiVersus Just Used One of the Best DC Villains to Severely Troll Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam

Find out how MultiVersus cleverly trolls Dwayne Johnson in the ultimate crossover fighting game.

Dwayne Johnson Black Adam and Multiversus


  • MultiVersus, Warner Bros' crossover fighting game, recently launched, featuring a diverse range of comic book characters.
  • The game strategically trolls Dwayne Johnson through Black Adam by referencing his earlier tease about reshaping DC Universe dynamics.
  • Leveraging The Joker's character, MultiVersus sparks excitement among fans.
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MultiVersus, the crossover fighting game from Warner Bros, was recently launched worldwide on 28th May. There are many comic book characters for players to pick. But the most intriguing character is the new version of Joker, The Batman Who Laughs who has left fans talking and laughing. 


In one of the fighting sequences, The Joker’s new version trolls Black Adam by asking him, weren’t you supposed to rearrange the hierarchy in DC Universe? This was a clever jab at Dwayne The Rock Johnson aka Black Adam. 

MultiVersus‘ Sneaky Move to Shake Up the DC Universe

This was a clever jab at Dwayne The Rock Johnson aka Black Adam. 
MultiVersus’ clever troll maneuver towards Dwyane Johnson | Player First Games

Before diving into the clever troll maneuver by MultiVersus, players need to understand why the phrase “rearranging the hierarchy” is significant. Dwayne Johnson, the actor who portrayed the Black Adam, teased fans that his portrayal of the DC antihero would rearrange the hierarchy of power within the DC Universe. 


However, that didn’t happen as a few years after the release of Black Adam, DCEU is now rebooting under James Gunn and he couldn’t get to keep his promise. MultiVersus took advantage of this by trolling him through Black Adam in-game. 

MultiVersus used The Joker, the infamous DC villain to troll Dwayne Johnson. When He is fighting Black Adam.
Joker’s Batman Who Laughs version joins the roster with an incredible line | Player First Games’ MultiVersus

MultiVersus used The Joker, the infamous DC villain to troll Dwayne Johnson. When He is fighting Black Adam, he says the following line: “Weren’t you supposed to be ‘rearranging the hierarchy’ or something?” This sharp jab immediately caught the attention of all the fans and industry insiders. 



The game’s choice of the Joker as the messenger for this taunt is brilliant. He is one of the most iconic and unpredictable villains in comic book history. He is the embodiment of chaos and disruption. This playful troll line serves as a reminder to everyone that in the world of DC and comic books, power dynamics are constantly shifting. 

MultiVersus: The Art of Strategic Trolling

MultiVersus continues to deliver the experience for all gamers
MultiVersus is using a clever marketing strategy | Player First Games

MultiVersus continues to deliver the experience for all gamers with its vast and diverse roster of characters and engaging gameplay. The marketing team of the game knows what they are doing and how to capture the attention of both hardcore gamers and casual fans. The game is finally releasing officially worldwide after 2 years of beta tests and many major fixes. 

The game uses strategic trolling and a vast amount of characters from DC Comics to make the crowd interested. By taking the intention jab at Black Adam and Dwayne Johnson, they made the whole social media talking about the game’s one line. 


By using the Batman Who Laughs version of The Joker, the line made even more impact as many DC comic book fans love the character. This made people even more interested in his new skin. In the end, this is all just a marketing strategy, and it worked as players and comic book fans are enjoying the game. 


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