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Werewolf by Night Director Michael Giacchino Says Marvel Studios Gave Him “Freedom to do something different”

werewolf by night Michael Giacchino

Expanding upon its successful roster of shows on its streaming platform, Marvel Studios has brought us a special one-hour entry to enjoy this Halloween. We were recently introduced to a new trailer for the Halloween special Werewolf by Night, which is now available to viewers on Disney+.

Werewolf by Night is all set to introduce monsters in the MCU
Werewolf by Night is all set to introduce monsters in the MCU

The man behind this project Michael Giacchino talks about how his love for vintage classic horror films inspired the whole shooting and direction process of Werewolf by Night and has also provided his thoughts and gratitude to Marvel Studios for letting him try something new and different.

How The Art Was Brought To Life

Werewolf by Night is a unique entry into the MCU, with director Michael Giacchino channeling his love for classic horror films into the Halloween special. In addition, the Disney+ entry is shot almost entirely in black and white, something only WandaVision has done with its first few episodes.

Werewolf by Night
Werewolf by Night had the freedom that it needed

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He speaks about how Marvel Studios gave him the artistic freedom to direct the project as tightly bound as Man-Thing’s tendrils so that it may truly embrace the Halloween spirit and spook the hell out of the audiences while also giving them something that was never before seen by Marvel Studios.

“We’ll see how we play it all out. But I didn’t feel the need to worry about any of that at this point. And they certainly weren’t mandating that I did, which I love that I thought that gave us a freedom to do something different and do something new”  were Giacchino’s words as he also spoke about his inspiration from The Twilight Zone, his thoughts about the timeline where the events of Werewolf by Night take place and what the future might hold for this one-hour special.

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This special is a masterpiece!

Reviews have begun to pour in for Werewolf By Night, and the Giacchino-helmed project is performing well. MovieWeb says the special is a “howling good time,” calling it a love letter to classic horror films. Rotten Tomatoes received over 250 ratings from audiences, and Werewolf By Night currently holds an astounding 95% fresh rating, with 93% from critics. In addition, IMDb user scores have flooded the project, which currently boasts an 8.0 rating, one of the better scores in Phase 4 of the MCU. Fans can check out the Halloween special for themselves and prepare to be spooked as Werewolf By Night is available now on Disney+.

Werewolf by Night gathers high praise from the audience

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As of now, we don’t know if Werewolf by Night may get its own series or not, but it’s clear that the fans of the MCU are more than happy to see something refreshing from Marvel Studios.

Source: MovieWeb


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