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‘His name is Ted. He likes sushi and warm feelings’: Werewolf by Night’s Man-Thing Becomes Instant Fan Favorite as Fans Demand Solo Series

Werewolf by Night's Man-Thing

Long-time Marvel horror fans know that the touch of the Man-Thing causes terror to burn. As it turns out, many individuals are experiencing the heat over social media. Marvel’s Werewolf by Night debuted today, and fans have already begun to share their initial reactions to the holiday special.

Gael García Bernal
Gael García Bernal in Werewolf by Night

The MCU premiere of the eerie Man-Thing, a cult classic inside the Marvel library, has received universal acclaim. So much so that the persona started trending on Twitter. If you’re not familiar with the Marvel Comics horror series from the 1970s (and beyond), you might be baffled by this terrible monster, flashing his huge claws and tentacled head.

He resembles something from H.P. Lovecraft‘s novels, and his past is no less strange — as the monster itself is a shambling, conscience-less heap that seems to be anything but human.

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What is the Man-Thing in Marvel Comics?

The shambling, remorseless creature known as the Man-Thing may appear to be a normal monster of the week, but he’s not. Furthermore, rather than being a villain, Man-Thing had his solo comic book for many years in the 1970s, in which writer Steve Gerber gave the character his unique spin and transformed him into a cult favorite.

The Man-Thing from Marvel Comics
The Man-Thing from Marvel Comics

The Man-Thing’s origin is straightforward: a scientist named Dr. Ted Sallis is working on a classified chemical experiment in the Florida Everglades (later retconned to be another attempt to replicate the notorious super-soldier serum) when he is chased by bad guys looking to steal the formula. Sallis crashes his car into a swamp, where mysterious elements merge with the chemicals he’d been working on to change Sallis into the strange thing known as the Man-Thing.

Werewolf by Night poster
Werewolf by Night poster

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Man-Thing is a slow-moving creature with a knack for foiling various criminal plans, despite having very little, if any, conscious thinking left. Gerber coined the phrase “anyone knows fear burns at the Man-Thing’s touch,” which perfectly summarises another of Man-Thing’s talents – sensing and feeding off of fear and other emotions in others. Good people don’t fear Man-Thing because they recognize his inherent decency, but wrongdoers react with panic — and when they do, his touch (very literally) burns their flesh.

The Man-Thing becomes an instant fan favorite in the MCU

Dr. Ted Sallis, aka The Man-Thing, becomes an instant fan favorite in the MCU after Werewolf by Night’s release today. Fans are demanding a spin-off series on the character with its origin story or his role as the guardian of nexus.

Along with the imminent introduction of Blade, it appears like Marvel is finally embracing its darker, horror-inspired characters, bringing up a universe of dark magic and gothic leanings to establish a new area of the MCU.

Man-Thing in Werewolf by Night
Man-Thing in Werewolf by Night

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Werewolf by Night marks a primary form for Michael Giacchino, who carves out a 1930s black-and-white horror film within the Marvel universe. And, when the film’s monster hunters gather to take down the monster among them, one has to wonder if Werewolf by Night or Man-Thing will make an appearance in the rest of the MCU. That is yet to be revealed.

Werewolf by Night is on Disney +

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