Wesley Snipes Believes MCU’s Blade Reboot Can Work Perfectly With PG-13 Rating

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has always stuck with the standard PG-13 rating for its movies. This is quite understandable for commercial reasons. However, other superhero-themed productions like The Boys have embraced violence and strong language.

wesley snipes gives his take on the ratings debate
American actor, Wesley Snipes

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In this context, it is pertinent to note the Blade trilogy movies. These films had a lot of violence and strong language and were thus R-rated. Wesley Snipes starred in these films as the iconic character, Eric Brooks. Nevertheless, Snipes himself believes that such films do not need to be R-rated to do full justice to the characters. We take a closer look at what the star had to say about the ratings debate in this article.

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Wesley Snipes Says Blade Reboot Doesn’t Need to Be R-Rated

wesley snipes gives his take on the ratings debate

In a recent interview with Comicbook.com, Wesley Snipes gave his take on the ratings debate. The star said: “I think those kinds of stories lend themselves to a wide range of dialogue and situations. Both adult and young adult,”. “I don’t know, it seems like the R-rating and PG-13 base is sliding now because it seems that now the 13-year-olds can speak better words than the adults can.”

Moreover, Snipes believes that if the story remains authentic and true to the subject matter, it is fine to be PG-13. “As long as it’s true and organic to the subject matter, the plot, and the world that’s created,” he adds. “If there’s consistency, I think it’s fine [to be PG-13].”

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Snipes’ reflection on the ratings debate seems wise. Superhero films and characters do not need to be either PG13 or R-rated to be good, so long as they remain consistent with the subject matter and the essence of the character. What do you think of Wesley Snipes’ comments? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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