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“We’ve been fighting for it..It wasn’t easy”: Black Adam’s Producer Admits Dwayne Johnson Fought With Warner Bros Executives to Bring Back Henry Cavill’s Superman to DC

henry cavil in black adam

It is no secret that Dwayne Johnson went out of his way to make his case for bringing Henry Cavill back as Superman to the DCEU. And though he was successful in his efforts to do so, it was by no means an easy feat to achieve. But that certainly didn’t deter The Rock as he went to great lengths to ensure Henry Cavill’s comeback.

The Rock FandomWire Black Adam
Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as Black Adam

The producer of The Rock’s new movie, Black Adam, also mentioned the same as he revealed how the actor had fought tooth and nail so that the all-time favorite Superman could come back to the studio.

The Rock gave it his all trying to get Henry Cavill back  

Dwayne Johnson has been one of the biggest supporters of DC’s Man of Steel and the same is conspicuous from the way he fought for the British actor’s return to the superhero franchise.

Black Adam’s producer, Hiram Garcia, attested to the same as he explained how The Rock had been doing everything in his power to get Henry Cavill back. “From day one of developing this film [Black Adam], we have been fighting for it,” the filmmaker stated.

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Man of Steel FandomWire
Henry Cavill as Superman

Turns out the Red Notice star wasn’t the only one adamant about the cause as both Hiram and Danny Garcia backed up The Rock in his efforts. “Dany, Dwayne, and I have spoken about this for years and worked on it and from all angles,” Hiram remarked. “The three of us have just been relentless on it.”

Even after showing endless determination though, Black Adam’s producer admitted that Warner Bros. had denied the three of them the opportunity to bring The Witcher star back; they’d had to hear the word “no” more times than they could count.

Henry Cavill’s cameo in Black Adam is all thanks to The Rock

It’s true! If it wouldn’t have been for The Rock and his unrelenting hard work to reinstate Cavill’s Superman in the franchise, fans probably wouldn’t even have been able to see the latter in Black Adam’s post-credit scenes. And even both the co-producers Danny and Hiram Garcia had helped Johnson in all the ways that they could.

“Dany has been working diligently on this the last six years through her relationship with Henry,” Hiram noted. “Dwayne and I have been working on it on the ground side with a relentless approach.”

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Henry Cavill FandomWire
Henry Cavill

The filmmaker observed that they had to team up and work together on this whole venture and how without their “collective effort” none of it would have been possible. He even called it “a dream come true.” And now thanks to them, DC fans will once again be able to see Cavill’s Clark Kent on the big screens. Hopefully, soon enough.

Black Adam is now out in theatres.

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