“We’ve grown up with Tobey”: Jamie Foxx’s Verdict on Tom Holland vs Tobey Maguire Spider-Man Debate Will Not Surprise Marvel Fans

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The debate surrounding the best Spider-Man has been lurking among fans for a long time. It was Tobey Maguire who made the character iconic among non-comic fans with his portrayal in the 2002 Sam Raimi directorial. After Raimi’s trilogy, the character was played by two more actors- Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland. While Garfield’s franchise couldn’t find closure, Tom Holland’s version garnered huge appreciation for his performance as the friendly neighborhood superhero.

Spider-Men in No Way Home
The Three Spider-Men in No Way Home

In December 2021, moviegoers couldn’t hold their excitement after spotting the three versions of the superhero along with all their supervillains in a colossal crossover event titled No Way Home. While promoting the movie, Jamie Foxx, who portrayed Electro in both The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and the 2021 movie, gave quite an exciting opinion on the Tobey Maguire vs Tom Holland debate.

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Tobey Maguire vs Tom Holland- Who’s Jamie Foxx’s favorite?

Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx first entered the world of superheroes with his portrayal of the supervillain Electro in Andrew Garfield’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The movie couldn’t perform very well among either the masses or the critics and faced an unfortunate end. But when Foxx reprised the role in Spider-Man: No Way Home, he made sure to open up about his favorite version of the superhero.

Tobey Maguire is considered to be the best by countless fans, and the Day Shift star also reciprocated the same thought. Even though the answer was quite diplomatic and he appreciated Holland’s portrayal of Spider-Man, the fans could easily understand who was his favorite.

“And then, here’s the thing, you’re filling big shoes, cause we’ve grown up with Tobey. So, you think to yourself, will there be [someone better]? And here comes this young guy with this fresh face who is really in tune in every aspect.”

Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man
Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man

Jamie Foxx also praised Tom Holland by explaining how the Avengers: Endgame actor nailed the scenes and is an amazing Spider-Man. It can’t be said that the fandom was very surprised by the Django Unchained actor’s statements, but it showed his appreciation towards both the veteran as well as the rising Spidey.

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Tobey Maguire is also Andrew Garfield’s favorite Spider-Man

Even though Jamie Foxx maintained a line of diplomacy in his answer, his The Amazing Spider-Man 2 co-star, Andrew Garfield was very clear in his views on his favorite Spider-Man. Garfield named Tobey Maguire his favorite Spider-Man even before his portrayal which was also appreciated very much by the audience.

Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland

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In a video for GQ, when Garfield was responding to fans online, he read a fan’s take on his favorite Spider-Man and responded that he cares about other people’s opinions but Tobey Maguire is on top for him. He added that his whole childhood revolved around him and he watched the first movie thrice in a row once when he was high with his friend.

“Cool, man. Fine. Whatever. Like, cool. That’s your opinion, bro. Climb a tree. Tobey’s my favorite, right? Cuz that’s my childhood… I think I watched the first Spider-Man film back to back like three times with my friend Terry… And we were just incredibly high”

The Hacksaw Ridge star also said that his friend taunted him that he can never play Spider-Man.

All the versions of Spider-Man are indeed great and have their own different qualities that give them a distinct persona even after playing the same superhero. It can be expected that even after Tobey Maguire gains the maximum points, the debate will not end soon.

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