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What All The Avengers Look Like Old Man Rogers Style

What All The Avengers Look Like Old Man Rogers Style

One Marvel fan chose to give all the first members from the Avengers the Old Man Rogers treatment. In a post to Reddit, the fan network commended the pictures shared and wondered about how strange it would have everyone matured up to that degree. In certain fans’ minds, they wish this could have been the endgame for the first six, yet it was not to be.

The First Avengers got the Old Man Rogers Look:

What do you think of these looks?

Iron Man and Black Widow are dead, and Cap is an older person now. Anthony Mackie’s Falcon currently holds the shield, and the Avengers are in a situation of transition. Yet, that picture of old Chris Evans has stayed with fans following a year. A news website got the opportunity to talk with Lola VFX’s Trent Claus about making Old Man Cap, and it was a work of adoration.

Trent Claus on making Captain America old:

What All The Avengers Look Like Old Man Rogers Style
Believe it or not, but the facial details are made digitally!

Trent said, “For this one with Chris, we had a significant time of look improvement where we attempted heaps of various ages and styles of maturing.” He further added, “One issue we run into a great deal with aging is that everyone has their concept of what happens to you when you age depends on your understanding. What happens to your face, and what happened to your parents’ appearances, and things like that.”

He added further, “Imagine you are in a room with few people; it’s a possibility that each person has a different perspective on what a person may look when they are old. So it’s harder to nail down a look, while with de-aging, you have a reference. You have an accurate picture of what you’re focusing on. Here it’s more abstract.”


It would need a significant period to get the last item down. The “Elderly person Cap” scene wasn’t settled until long after the shooting closed. That prompted a considerable amount of computerized difficult work.

What All The Avengers Look Like Old Man Rogers Style

Claus added further, “Old Man Rogers look that got validated by the producers did not get affirmed even after shooting ended for a while. Thus, the cosmetics that we had applied on the face: eyes, brow, nose, and things like that didn’t match the affirmed look. So we needed to take away the cosmetics, and afterward, re-make it completely sometime later. The cosmetics that you found in the photograph that we kept are the neck and the wig, and afterward, everything on the face that you see on screen is digital.”

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