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‘What an absolute CHAD’: Fans Bow Down to John Cena After He Sets Guinness World Record for Fulfilling 650 Wishes for Critically Ill Make-A-Wish Kids

Fans Bow Down to John Cena After He Sets Guinness World Record for Fulfilling 650 Wishes for Critically Ill Make-A-Wish Kids

People with a huge amount of wealth to their name that contribute to society in positive ways are a blessing, and that makes John Cena an angel. The professional wrestler-cum-actor has been making great ventures into philanthropy, and it has made all the difference for lots of needy individuals.

The WWE star is known to have a weird persona on Instagram, posting random pictures with no captions whatsoever, but deep inside is a man with a vision seeking a better life for the less fortunate. Cena has been a huge figure as a philanthropist, and his efforts to tackle a lot of the issues faced by needy kids has culminated in a new world record exclusively set by the wrestler.

John Cena FandomWire
John Cena as Peacemaker

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John Cena Sets A New Guinness World Record

The Make-A-Wish NGO has been helping fulfill the dreams and aspirations of thousands of critically-ill kids in the United States and abroad for well over 40+ years, and John Cena has been their biggest helping hand

John Cena FandomWire
John Cena meeting a Make-A-Wish kid.

The Peacemaker star recently set a new Guinness World Record for most wishes granted through his efforts via the Make-A-Wish Foundation for most wishes granted for critically ill children. Cena is responsible for having granted 650 wishes and bringing smiles to the faces of a lot of needy children!

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News broke of the new record and Twitter was quick enough to board the Cena train and had nothing but high praise for the actor-

A huge W for humanity-

The undisputed GOAT-

Well said! –

He is and always will be a legend-

The star of the You Can’t See Me phrase is surely doing God’s work with all those granted wishes, making him one of the most likable celebrities in the world as of now.

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John Cena Joins The Cast Of Kevin Hart’s Roku TV Series

John Cena is as menacing of an actor as he is a wrestler, and Peacemaker is an amazing TV show that showcases John Cena’s commendable acting skills.

The actor has been building up his portfolio in acting for quite a while though, initially starting off with the WWE production The Marine12 Rounds, and later on in bigger productions like F9.

John Cena FandomWire
John Cena in 12 Rounds

Cena’s knack for working in action movies only makes sense when you look at the whole aura surrounding his personality. But according to Variety, the 45-year-old actor has now made a change in the projects he chooses to act in by signing up for Kevin Hart’s Die Hart 2: Die Harter.

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Die Hart 2: Die Harter still counts as an action TV series, but a spoof one at that. It is based on Bruce Willis’ Die Hard franchise. Cena will be joining the likes of Ben Schwartz, Paula Pell, and obviously Kevin Hart.

Cena is all set to appear in the second season of the Roku original comedy TV show, in which he has been cast as Mr. 206, a sort of stuntman famous in Hollywood.

Die Hart 2: Die Harter is currently available to watch on the Roku channel.

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