“What did you expect? Sunshine n lollipops?”: Helldivers Whining Latest Major Order is Too Hard Get a Rude Reality Check

Weak players got a rude reality check from the Helldivers 2 community.



  • Some Helldivers 2 players have been complaining about the difficulty level of the current Major Order.
  • A player has pointed out that these missions are supposed to be challenging as they are taking down a Terminid Supercolony.
  • Fans believe that this Major Order could bring out the Illuminate out of hiding.
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The second phase of Operation “Enduring Peace” has begun as Helldivers 2 players have been ordered to destroy Meridia planet in the Umlaut Sector to completely eradicate the Terminid Supercolony residing on it. It seems like some players are having a hard time completing this new Major Order, but the community has given these players a reality check as this mission was never meant to be easy.

Helldivers 2 (via Arrowhead Game Studios)
Helldivers 2 (via Arrowhead Game Studios)

Players are having a blast on the action-packed battlefields and clearly, the bugs don’t stand a chance against the Helldivers. Some toxic players have been damaging the reputation of the Helldivers 2 community, but they were simply not spared. The community has started shaming these players for their unnecessary criticism which is only demotivating the devs at Arrowhead Game Studios.

Helldivers 2 players who found the new Major Order difficult got a reality check from the community

The new Major Order in Helldivers 2 has been announced (via Arrowhead Game Studios)
The new Major Order in Helldivers 2 has been announced (via Arrowhead Game Studios)

In a recent post on the r/Helldivers2 subreddit, a Helldivers 2 fan pointed out that the active Major Order is supposed to be difficult as they’re going against a Terminid Supercolony. Some players have been complaining about the difficulty level but there’s always an option to lower the difficulty in the game.


The only concern that Arrowhead should be focusing on right now is the places where enemies spawn. Players have claimed that enemies spawn over drills and they destroy them as soon as they hit it. These unexpected spawns can be frustrating since Helldivers can’t really do anything about it. Nonetheless, these missions are quite entertaining and players just can’t wait to find out how the Helldivers lore progresses after this.

Helldivers 2 players believe that destroying Meridia will start the Illuminate invasion

Helldivers 2 (via Arrowhead Game Studios)
Helldivers 2 (via Arrowhead Game Studios)

Players are ordered to inject Dark Fluid into the planet’s core as a part of the current Major Order. When the critical mass is reached, this injected Dark Fluid will accrete into a superdense mass, ultimately destroying Meridia due to implosion. In the previous Major Order, players were told that this Dark Fluid was collected from the Illuminate faction during the first Galactic War, and fans now believe that this Major Order will bring out the Illuminate.

Players of the first game are familiar with the Illuminate faction but for those who don’t know: This super-advanced alien civilization will certainly be very difficult to take down but at the moment, it’s hard to tell when they will begin their invasion. Big changes are coming to Helldivers 2 and players should expect to see some new gear, weapons, and Stratagems.


Helldivers 2 is available on Windows and PlayStation 5.


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