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“What? Ew”: Hunter x Hunter’s Creator Hates Being Called an Otaku, Thinks of Himself as an Enthusiast Instead

Hunter x Hunter’s Creator Hates Being Called an Otaku, Thinks of Himself as an Enthusiast Instead

Fans easily term Hunter x Hunter as one of the best pieces of work to ever come out of the industry, and that is with totally valid reasons. The manga series by Yoshihiro Togashi has received two animated adaptations so far, with the second one being released in 2011. This particular anime adaptation is often called the best anime series of all time.

Hunter x Hunter
Hunter x Hunter

Yoshishiro Togashi’s Reaction To Being Called An Otaku

When asked in the above-stated interview if he can be called an Otaku, the creator of Hunter x Hunter said “What? Ew, god no. I’m not an otaku, I’m simply an impassioned enthusiast of things that otaku also tend to enjoy. But no, I am not an otaku.

Yoshihiro Togashi's Creator Of Hunter x Hunter
Yoshihiro Togashi’s Creator Of Hunter x Hunter

While there might have been better ways to address the topic, the mangaka simply chose to keep things straight to the point, addressing how he does not like being called an “Otaku” and instead is just someone who appreciates and enjoys the same material they would enjoy.

For those who might not know, “Otaku” is a word that originally meant “You” in Japanese, but has been adapted into a term with many different meanings, with the most popular one being used to describe fans of Japanese Anime and Manga industry, and like to keep up with the happenings of the  same.

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What The Creator Of Hunter x Hunter Thinks Of The Series’ World Building

In the same interview, Togashi was praised for his use of world-building in the series, which was followed by a question if the creator would consider himself to be “well travelled“. This is a question that relates to the brilliant writing skills of the creator and his ability to amuse fans with whatever he comes up.

While one would expect more of a serious reply to this, Togashi looked the other way instead and chose to answer, “Yeah, well-traveled from my couch to the refrigerator! High five!“, showing off his skills in humour too while he was it.

Yoshihiro Togashi's Reveals His Thoughts About World-Building
Yoshihiro Togashi’s Reveals His Thoughts About World-Building

Yoshishiro Togashi is the man behind one of the most liked animated and manga series around the world, and the popularity of the same never seems to fade away, even though hiatuses and breaks are taken often in the franchise. Many fans look forward to a return to a regular manga release soon, with many even wanting a release of a continuation of the anime.

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