What Happened after the Ending of some of Hollywood’s Greatest Movies?


We enjoy the movie till it lasts. After it ends, we start imagining what happened after the final events. Did the bad guy come back? What happened to the hero of the tale? Is there actually a happily ever after for the good guys after the credits rolled? Let’s find out!!

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The Last King of Scotland

Forest Whitaker Idi Amin The Last King



The Last King of Scotland had a very huge challenge. The dilemma was how to portray Idi Amin in a way that not just shows the many atrocities he was responsible for but also somehow ensure the audience could relate to the character’s actions. The movie ends with Nicholas Garrison escaping Uganda and telling the story of Amin’s tyranny to the whole world. The actual story ends with Idi Amin still remaining in power. It was not international condemnation that brought him down but his own pride. The Dictator declared war against Tanzania, a war he lost dearly. Amin then fled to Saudi Arabia where he lived the rest of his life away from World Politics.


The Last Samurai

The Last Samurai 2003 Kung Fu Kingdom 770x472 1

The Last Samurai draws inspiration from the Samurai Rebellion against the Meiji Restoration during the year of 1877. Tom Cruise’s character did not actually exist in the actual events. It was created for the movie. The Satsuma Rebellion was put down by the Japanese Authorities but it was more of a Pyrrhic victory. The costs and expenses were too high. There was tremendous loss to life and property. It convinced the Japanese Emperor to let go of Western Powers trying to influence the Land of the Rising Sun. The events after the movie led to the rise of Japan as a Military Super Power. Saigo Takamori, the leader of the Satsuma Rebellion, is still seen as the last true Samurai till date in Japan.




James Cameron’s Avatar ends with the forces of Earth defeated and forced to evacuate Pandora. The Na’vi now controls the entirety of the Forests of Pandora, which they previously used to share with the Humans. Sully is now the Chieftain of the Na’vi Tribe while Neytiri is the High Priestess. The couple now have children.  Avatar 2 is set to detail the events in full. James Cameron claims that the Na’Vi are about to venture outside the Pandoran Forests. Many events will take place in volcanic regions and the underwater worlds and ecosystems of Pandora will be explored. The King’s Speech




The Historical War Drama Tro is a cinematic milestone. It has some of the best performances to have been ever recorded in the history of the film industry. They do not make it like them anymore. After the legendary city of Troy fell to the Greeks, the movie depicted that the legacy of Troy was destroyed. But that is not true. Troy was never just a city. It was its people and its culture. The people of Troy fled in boats. The Greeks then mercilessly slaughtered the royalty of Troy. Things take a rather dark turn after the city fell. The three princesses of Troy – Andromache, Hecuba, and Cassandra were then passed around the men of the Greek Army and were sexually abused till death. One of the Princesses was even sacrificed to the Ghost of Achilles.



lincoln factcheck rkhphz e1593668694578

Lincoln ends with Abraham Lincoln being shot by John Wilkes Booth assassinating the most famous American President. Lincoln’s death sparked a very huge public manhunt for Booth and his allies that orchestrated the assassination. Lincoln’s body was loaded on a funeral train bound to Springfield from Washington. Thousands flocked to see the train leave. Lincoln’s successor Andrew Johnson’s tenure marked a dark era in American history and a very long road ahead for assimilating the once rebellious southern states into the United States of America.



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Before there was the Outlaw King Robert the Bruce, there was the legendary Scot Rebel William Wallace. Wallace plagued the British forces with his guerrilla warriors until he was captured and publicly executed by his enemies. The story of Wallace would then inspire Robert the Bruce to take up arms against the British. After killing his rival in a church and became the King of Scotland. Robert would lose many battles against the British while winning some few pivotal ones. The Scottish effort for independence was dwindling. One night in a room, Robert saw a spider vainly making attempts to jump to a rafter, succeeding only on the seventh time. This inspired the Outlaw King to renew his fight against the Crown. In 1314, Robert drove the British out of Scotland and Wallace’s dreams became a reality.




Joaquin Phoenix establishes himself as one of the greatest acting powerhouses with his role as Commodus in Gladiator! Maximus kills Commodus in the movie and him-self dies a while later. The movie ends with the notion that the Roman Emperor’s demise finally brought the end to the Dark Ages for the Roman Empire. Nothing could be further from the truth. Commodus did not actually die in the arena in reality. He survived and plagued Rome for a long time. His death did not bring any hope for the Romans.  The death of Commodus sparked a bloody civil war termed “the Year of Five Emperors” that destroyed the Roman Economy.


The Sound of Music

sound of music

Maria Von Trapp has captivated our minds and souls ever since the movie was released decades ago. The Sound of Music helps us remember that there is always something good to hope for even during the darkest of times. Many do not know this but there is an actual Maria Von Trapp. She worked as a Nun during the Rise of the Third Reich. Maria Von Trapp, similar to the character in the movie, was torn between her duties and her love for the man whose house she worked in. Von Trapp fled to America along with her troupe in 1938 and held their first concert in New York. When the movie was released, Von Trapp never accepted any royalty fees but still promoted the movie because she believed it helped spread the message of love and peace. She died in 1987.


Outlaw King

outlaw king

The Story of Robert the Bruce and the pivotal role he played for the Scottish War for Independence was finally captured with the movie The Outlaw King. Chris Pine plays the eponymous character in the movie. The movie ends with the most crucial point in history for the Scots – the Battle of Loudoun in 1307. Robert the Bruce wins that battle fair and square but what happens next, many fans of the movie might not like. The Outlaw King of Scots had already been excommunicated by the Church. He then went on to lose many battles to the enemies. He contracted a deadly disease and died with very little friends after his wife, children, and next of kin were hunted down and slaughtered mercilessly.




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