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‘What has the world come to?’: The Matrix – One of Sci-Fi’s Most Important Franchises – is Getting a Dance Adaptation, Fans are NOT Happy

Innovation is always welcomed in the film industry, especially by the audience. But looks like there’s only a certain extent to which they want to see peculiarly new things. And one of those innovative things that fans are not thrilled by, is the announcement of The Matrix getting its very own dance adaptation.

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Keanu Reeves in The Matrix

The classic science fiction film with all the reputation it has built over the years is now evoking certain strong emotions amongst its audience, the emotions being that of downright loathing. And what’s more amusing, is that the architect behind this bizarre plan is someone who is renowned for producing Oscar-winning films, Danny Boyle.

A dance adaptation of The Matrix is in the making to premiere in October

The show has been named Free Your Mind and is being licensed by Warner Bros. Theatre Ventures to premiere at a new arts venue called Factory International, in Manchester, U.K.

As per the logline, it’s a “large-scale immersive performance” that is going to serve as the venue’s inaugural show; the project also promises its audience to bring them The Matrix in a way they’ve never seen before.“‘Free Your Mind’ will take audiences on a thrilling journey through ‘The Matrix’ and into a new realm of possibilities.”

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The Matrix 1999
The Matrix (1999)

The show has been choreographed in a way that creatively utilizes the large spaces in the venue with hundreds of hip-hop dancers partaking in the event. “This eye-opening production will stretch across the building’s ultra-flexible spaces, responding to them and harnessing the collective energy of the moment”, states the logline.

Along with Boyle, Tracey Seaward, yet another revered film producer, is going to be contributing to the show’s production.

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Fans react unfavorably towards the news of The Matrix being turned into a dance performance

It’s certainly astonishing to see the director of Slumdog Millionaire working on something so unusual as this. But if the direction of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games for the London 2012 games is any proof, Danny Boyle always has been one to take up intriguing projects.

However, his latest venture feels more like a hit-or-miss situation which seems to have missed the audience completely. Not only are they unhappy with a dance adaptation of The Matrix being in the works, but they are utterly disappointed with the idea.

When Discussing Film tweeted the news of the performance premiering in Manchester this October, people immediately disapproved of it.

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Fans seem to be completely against having such a blockbuster sci-fi movie turned into a hip-hop performance and are readily expressing their dissent on the social media platform.

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Though there are some funny reactions involving memes as well, most of them just seem to be reflecting just how upset this particular news has made people.

People are everything but ready to even digest the idea of a dance adaptation of the classic movie coming out, let alone wanting to witness it.

But as much as they’re disliking this, it might not be as bad as they’re fretting it to be. If anything, the performance might just sweep them off their feet as the logline said it would. One can never be too sure about such things. So, better to cross your fingers and hope for the best instead.

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